And the winner is…

Before I tell you who the winner is, I just want to say a big thank you for following me and reading my blog. Its been hard at times to keep up with posts but most of you have stuck it through with me and that’s because you rock. I hope to have some new and exciting content on the blog in the future and have even higher hopes of making bigger and better posts.

Okay, so time for the winner….

Congratulations, Daphne Smith!! You are one lucky gal!!! Your prizes include:

Micheline Pitts new DVD, $25 for JBR Clothing, two super cute phone skins fro Fluff, $50 for, and any corset of your liking from Orchard Corset.

I also want to say thanks to every one who donated to my giveaway- you also rock!!

There will be more giveaways and fun contests in Danger De Lux’ future so don’t stray too far!


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