Pool Party

One of the things I was most looking forward to in Vegas was lounging by the pool in the hot summer sunshine. Here in Alberta, there are not a whole heck of  a lot of beaches or even clean bodies of water one would want to swim in. We have outdoor pools but they are always packed to the brim and full of screaming children.

I made sure I booked a hotel with a decent pool, as it was an absolute requirement. We stayed at The Monte Carlo, which was pretty okay. The pool was good, but it sounded better online. But there were lounge chairs as far as the eye could see, a few different pools, and giant adult beverages.

vegas 2013 048

The first day we went to the pool, I think we were there for at least five hours if not more and many adult beverages were consumed. It was truly a luxury to just lay in the sunshine- it has rained way too much this summer and we are so sun deprived ( it’s sad)

vegas 2013 040

Because there was so much else we wanted to do, we only went to the pool one other day. I wish we could have stayed even longer just so we could have gone to the pool more. Living in a land locked, oil driven province does not make for any pool or beach lounging.

vegas 2013 039

vegas 2013 046

I love the sun and heat way too much for a gal living in Alberta. Im meant to live somewhere that summer never ends…like Hawaii, or Vegas, or California, or Spain!


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