Rancid in Las Vegas

I planned my trip to Vegas at the time I did because The Transplants and Rancid would be playing. They played in my home town too, a few nights before, but I preferred to see them in Vegas. I have only seen Rancid and The Transplants once before, so I was really excited to see them again. It was probably the best show I have ever been to, so I am so thankful I decided to see them in Vegas as opposed to Edmonton.

vegas 2013 167

They played at The House of Blue at Mandaly bay, which was the coolest venue I have ever been in- I fully intend on going back next time I am in Vegas. It was a packed house, full of punk rockers and rockabilly guys and gals, and a few kids- it was an all ages show. The only down side was it was all over by 10pm!! I guess when its all ages, you cant keep the party going all night.

vegas 2013 170

Everything about the gig was amazing- the sound was spot on, the venue was wicked and not too big so every spot was a good one, the bands were amazing. Drinks, however, were way too expensive- one beer cost me $14….so all I had was that one lonely beer.


vegas 2013 161vegas 2013 154

vegas 2013 157

vegas 2013 169

If you get the chance to check out a band at The House of Blues don’t pass it up. After the gig we went to the restaurant part of the venue and had some decent food and drinks. They also have live bands in the restaurant as well, so we got see some blues as well!


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