Mud Hero

This past weekend I did the Mud Hero in Red Deer. The route was 6 km and 16(ish) obstacles, half of which consisted of disgusting, gooey, sticking, smelly mud and the other half wore you down physically, as they required a lot of energy and strength, mean while, it was also a run, so we had to run! But, because I love working out, it was tons of fun and it felt so good to cross the finish line!

drumheller 027

drumheller 043

Some of the obstacle included a hike up a very long, super steep hill, wadding through a muddy pool to crawl though a small tunnel, weaving through a web of elastic string, crawling over top 30 feet of netting, running over cars, crawling through mud and muck to go under logs, climbing walls and cargo netting, and well, a lot more mud and muck!

drumheller 069

drumheller 046

I think I will definitely do this again next year! And now that I did it once, I know what to expect. Ill probably wearing shorts and a tank top, Ill definitely  wear gloves ( I sliced open my finger and it was not pretty), I will not go so fast down the slide which caused me to go right under in the pool of mud, and Ill bring lots of wipes to clean off with. Luckily I brought my swimsuit so we could go to Sylvan Lake afterwards!

drumheller 041

drumheller 058

(look at me running, I look good, right?)

To find out more about the Mud Hero run and find an event near you, check out their website


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