Do you remember Daria? The sarcastic, quick witted, apathetic, grunge girl from Lawnsdale?


The show, which aired form 1997 to 2002, followed Daria as she attended high school and ended with her graduation. Daria lived in a very suburban town, complete with bubble-head popular girls, stereotypical jocks, overbearing and over reacting parents, and her best friend and bad ass, Jane.


Of course, Daria aired on MTV – back when music channels were actually good. I remember thinking Daria was so cool and I wishing I could be like her. I also thought, Janes brother, Trent, was cute, despite being a fictional, chartoon character.


Im sure I could go on and on, as the show was multifaceted, etc, etc. But the main point of this post is to inform you all that there is a trailer for movie, Im certain is not actually in production, for Daria’s return home from college. Now, only if it was real….




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