a sneak peak at lux de ville

While at the trade show in Vegas, we of course, stopped at the Lux de Ville both to put in an order and check out the new designs. In the past 8 months, I have acquired three Lux de Ville handbags, because I am in love with their design, look, and the sparkle!

The Lux de Ville both was glittering top to bottom with baby pink, mint, champagne, and the more traditional, red, black, and white

vegas aug 2013 035

Lux de Ville has two new shapes for their handbags this upcoming season- a kiss lock on one and a more casual one which kind of looks like an elegant bowling bag ( I can’t think of another way to describe the shape). Not only do they have two new handbags, they also have gorgeous ipad cases that come with cross body straps ( ” for those crazy girls who go hiking” Yvette) and fantastic laptop bags!

vegas aug 2013 036

Aside from all the bags, there were also kiss lock coin purses, smaller wallets than usual, and zip pouches for coin or perhaps lipsticks and such.

vegas aug 2013 038

vegas aug 2013 037

vegas aug 2013 039

I loved seeing all the new designs and choosing which ones to get for the shop! And the designer/owner was quite lovely, as were the two other people she had with her helping show off the sparkly goods and take orders.

Keep an eye out on the Rowena page to see when the shipment has arrived. I’d suggest getting into the store or placing an order quickly too, as new Lux de Ville flies off the shelves! Check out RetroGlam.com to see what’s in stock now and to place an order when the new shipment is in.


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