B.A.I.T sneak peak

Another line we carry at Rowena, is B.A.I.T a sweet and retro inspired shoe line! Everyone goes gaga over the B.A.I.T shoes we bring is because they are so sweet and cute, not to mention comfortable and affordable..

We stopped in quick to pick out some styles for spring, so I took the opportunity to snap just a few photos to share.

2013-08-19 18.32.32

Lots of pastels, t-straps, brogues, open toes, bows, and sling heels for spring

2013-08-19 18.32.12

And lots of moody colours like brown, burgundy, forest green, and navy for fall. Boots with hooks, heels with straps and cute cut outs, velvet, suede, and patterns!

2013-08-19 18.32.22

B.A.I.T always has the cutest shoes no matter what season! I’m looking forward to the new styles, but spring just seems so far away!


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