local feature: Nervosa Clothing Co.

Photos of Nervosa Clothing Co. have been popping up all over my facebook page- the cool designs and rocking models certainly have grabbed my attention! I decided to have a look at the facebook page and the website and loved what I say. I contacted the owner/designer to ask her a few questions and she kindly obliged! Here is what she had to say…

1. What the philosophy or ideology behind Nervosa Clothing Co.?
Nervosa is about being proud of who you are, and breaking social stigmas surrounding mental illness. It’s too taboo considering statistics say that every person in the world either has a mental illness or knows someone with one. It’s a shame!


2. Who does the designs
Several people! I come up with the design and it gets made into a graphic by tragic glamor designs

3. Where can I buy Nervosa Clothing?
Online at: http://www.nervosaclothing.com or Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatoon, and Arizona.

531169_373842229353126_821132481_n4. Do the profits go to a Charity? Which one? J

Just a dollar- to the different provincial mental health offices, and the Canadian mental health association.

5. When  did you begin Nervosa and why?
2 years ago, it just was an idea, I was tired of hiding who I was and I love fashion and helping people so I just did it


6. What does buying something from Nervosa mean to you?

It makes me feel like we’re getting somewhere, and that people who are mentally ill can feel hopeful.


7. What does “nervosa” mean?


8. Do you participate in any local events?

Occasionally, I would like to more for sure.
9. Is there anything else you would like us to know about Nervosa?  Just that when you where a shirt, without knowing it you are supporting something important. And have fun doing it of course

Make sure to check out Nervosa Clothing Co. on facebook and head to the website to pick up a few t-shirts and tank tops!



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