retro hair – its easy!

Lately I have been taking the extra time to style my hair. I have been practicing with pin curls, victory rolls, and retro accessories, like hair combs and snoods! Now, it only takes a few minutes to pin my hair up and have a lovely retro look. I purchased a snood at the Bettie Page store in Vegas last February and only just recently tried it out- i loved it!! So much so, that I snapped a few photos to share with you

calgary 005

I also figured it was a good time to introduce you all to Cherry, my new baby!! Shes a brown and white Boston Terrier and she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.calgary 003

I did three rolls, one in the front and two on the side, tucked the rest of my hair in the snood and pinned in on with bobby pins, and as a final touch added a light pink rose that matched my skirt. When I first started doing retro styles, it would take me forever and I would get really frustrated. I initially thought it had to be perfect…but now I know that it doesn’t have to be; most people are going to be too impressed with your hair to even notice the rolls might be slightly uneven. So now, I just work with the rolls I make to mold and pin them and be happy with the work I’ve done! So, my top advice for learning and practicing retro hair is to know it doesn’t have to be perfect and to just keep at it!

calgary 011See how much I love her!


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