feature from across the pond: Brag Vintage

Today on Danger De Lux is a visitor all the way from Sheffield, UK! Brag Vintage is an online vintage shop brimming with vintage clothing from all the years past, focusing on 80s, sprinkled with pieces from all the eras we love most.

dsc_0674_667x1000__201. How did Brag Vintage get started?

Brag Vintage started from a car boot sale in 2011. After successfully selling some old clothes (more second hand rather than vintage) at our first car boot sale we decided to try our hand at selling online and more specifically vintage clothing which we already had an interest in. Having started on eBay we discovered there was a huge demand and together with our passion for unearthing vintage finds we began building a large collection of vintage clothing for our newly found customers. We’ve now got a website with over 4000 unique vintage items in stock, one of the largest in the UK.


2. Where do you get all your product from? Who decides what products get listed for sale? How do you ensure the quality of the vintage items?

Nowadays, we source all of our stock from large suppliers simply because we’re too big to frequent charity shops and car boot sales as much fun as it is. Each item is handpicked by our stock buyer and also checked before photographing. We are strict on quality but the nature of vintage clothing means there may be some imperfections/marks to some of the garments but this only adds to their character in our opinion. Who wants a brand new crisp Levi’s denim jacket anyway?! We love the fact each item has got a story to tell.

3.Do you wear vintage clothing on a regular basis? Do you have a favorite era in regards to style and fashion?

 We do wear some of our own pieces although we try to have some self control as to what we take for ourselves otherwise we’re just like kids in a sweetie shop. We’re big denim fans in the office so we all tend to wear a lot of Levi’s jeans, shorts and the odd denim jacket. We’re a pretty young team and with most of us being born in the 80’s, this has got to be our favourite era as it brings back loads of memories.dsc_0985_6

4.What does the future hold for Brag Clothing? Perhaps a brick and mortar shop?

The future definitely holds a brick and mortar shop in store. We’re based in Sheffield so it would be great to open a shop here. Although there is already lots of competition on the high street we feel we can add something extra to the vintage scene. At the moment we’re still trying to build our brand online but it’s definitely in our plans in the next year or so. Watch this space.


5.Do you think you might sell vintage housewares in the future?

We love some of the old vintage housewares from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s although we don’t feel we have enough knowledge and experience at the moment to offer these products to our customers but it could be something we would look into in the future.


6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about Brag Vintage?

The only thing we would like to add is that at Brag Vintage we are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience. We’re always looking to improve and extend the range of vintage products available at the best prices as well as making the website easy to navigate and providing excellent customer service. We’re a friendly bunch so don’t be afraid to ask any questions or complain if you think we’re not doing something right. We’re always here to help. Thank you.

check out Brag Vintage at



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