the man eater- by pinup girl clothing

My latest and most coveted purchase from Pinup Girl Clothing is the Kinky Box Skirt in the Man Eater Plant print- it is divine! Reminisceint of Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors this skirt is every kind of right! The colour combination is absolutely perfect- the purple is not bright nor deep and goes just right with the green of the flytrap man eater plant. I am not one for colour- in fact, I’m not sure I own any purple, but this skirt truly is fantastic.


I think all the girls at work have their eye on this skirt and I am sure we are all going to end up with one. MAN EATER 018I paired the man eater skirt with a simple black top from Rock Steady and black B.A.I.T. heels. I had a few extra minutes to spare this morning so I threw my hair up in big, fat victory rolls to complete the look.


I got so many compliments on my outfit, mainly because of my fabulous skirt! The kinky box skirt fits quite small however- I bought a large, and while it is a touch big, there was no way I was getting into a medium, so keep that in mind when ordering ( I plan on getting mine taken in a smidge so it will be a perfect fit).

MAN EATER 006I am so in love with this skirt that I very much plan on getting it in the Fetish print as well. My fall wardrobe is going to be over flowing with Pinup Girl!

MAN EATER 025I got my kinky box skirt at Rowena and you bet you can get one there too, including the fetish print. Check out too, to see what they have in stock.


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