On Halloween night my boyfriend and I went to the symphony. They were playing Nosferatu, accompanied by the organ played by a young german composer, who actually improved the whole 90 minutes.

Because it was Halloween, I made myself up as a spooky pin up

halloween 001I  wore my new favorite skirt from Rock Steady- a pencil peplum, which is so damn flattering! I paired it with a cropped top, a spooky HellBunny cardigan, and fancy lil fasinator with a veil attached.

halloween 007Everyone was either dressed in a costume or dressed for the occasion, which made it super fun! I love getting dressed up and rarley have the opportunity to do so.

I hadn’t seen Nosferatu before Halloween night, so it was quite exciting! The accompaniment was so perfect, you would never have known it was improvised.

halloween 013

halloween 011

It was a great way to celebrate Halloween, especially because it was on a Thursday night. The movie was spooky and silly and I highly recommend watching it. Apparently, Bram Stokers wife ordered all copied been burnt due to infringement of copyright or something along that lines. One theater in England decided not to burn their copy and it remained the only existing copy; thanks to them the film is able to be seen and appreciated today!

halloween 016

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween too!

Oh and I got my skirt and cardigan from Rowena. has all the same wicked stuff too


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