A Night Out With The Hellbound Hepcats

There are but a handful of truly great old school Canadian Rockabilly bands and The Hellbound Hepcats are one of them – goodness are they ever. I have to admit I only came across them as I was at the library a few years ago loading up on cds, and theirs just happened to be one I clueless-ly grabbed

A trio out of Montreal with old school style and taste, The Hellbound Hepcats should most definitely be in your mix of go to tunes. I have honestly never seen so many gals weak in the knees, as I had last Tuesday night. Lead Singer Alex Brown’s voice could make any girl stray. It was like a scene out of an old Elvis performance- all the girls wearing swooning over these mega babes, with their dreamy voices and saucy moves.28690_10150208807075304_835546_nBecause it was a Tuesday night the crowd was a little thin, but all us gals sure made up for it. Get a drink or two in me and I’m up there with the best of them shaking my tush.


1452201_10151821764386033_658434756_nThese mega babes were there also drooling over the amazing tunes and the cute boys up on stage. I might add both of these lovely ladies got their outfits from Rowena, cause all the cool cats shop there, but you already knew that.

1460104_10151821761631033_485615150_nBecause it is winter and I was being a baby, I didn’t get dolled up in my usual gear. Instead I wore one of my favorite Folter dresses ( also from Rowena), with black tights, knee high socks, and doc martens.

1456658_10151821761946033_1705950979_nAnd because I am a total nerd I asked two members of the band (below) if I could take a picture of them for my blog ( pushes up glasses, snorts a few times, and giggles…get it…cause I’m super dorky). But like nice boys, they obliged. I felt like a little school girl…sorry for the awful photo- it does none of us any justice haha.

996655_10151821761501033_1827213079_nAnyway back to the band…. Check them out on facebook to see when they are coming to your town or to see where you can snag one of their albums and get hooked just like I did. These boys are not ones you want to miss so keep an eye out for them… they will make you feel like a little girl all over again. Me-ow!

1467441_10151821762906033_1528958434_nAnd check out their music video for “Only Man”



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