Boxing day is just around the corner…literally. And you sassy kittens can’t tell me you haven’t been thinking about it at least a little bit- what kind of sale is everyone going to have. Let me tell you about the only sale that matters 😉

Every Boxing Day Rowena has the most amazing sale.- if you’ve come, you know exactly what I am talking about. While I can’t reveal what it is quite yet, I am sure you can use your imagination and figure it out…. think big!!

This year, Rowena will be having another legendary Boxing Day sale and you betcha I will be there bright and early helping make shopping dreams come true. The store opens at 8am and closes at 9pm- come early if you want to be guaranteed to get that dress you’ve been eying.

Not only will Rowena be having a wicked sale, but will be too! So if you don’t live in Edmonton, not to fret, you can still get some amazing deals on their website!

Keep an eye on the Rowena Facebook page and the Boxing Day event page for more info as the day draws closer

580312_10151934746853224_565813776_nBring your Christmas money with you, because this sale is going to be epic!!

See you all soon!


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