Danger De Lux Review: Voodoo Vixen by Pinup Girl Clothing

The first of many reviews to come, the Voodoo Vixen dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. I have to admit I was a bit weary of this dress when I first saw it- I wasn’t sold on the fabric and however once I saw it on, that all changed.

When I put it on, my mind was blown. This dress fits like a dream and it insanely flattering. I’ve seen it on about 5 or 6 different body types and it looks good on everyone!

_DSC0177I’ve begun my search for my grad dress and at first thought I would for sure get the Folly Flair ( also from Pinup Girl Clothing) but it didn’t fit quite right. Thank goodness for the Voodoo Vixen dress, because I think this shall be the one!

_DSC0179I have on a medium and it fits just right! I figured its about time I share my measurements with you, so you can use it as comparison.

Bust: 37″ Waist: 29″ Hips 40″

The fabric is a black cotton sateen, which just a touch of stretch, but I wouldn’t really count on it, when deciding what size to order. I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl, and like I mentioned this fit like a glove.

This dress hits me in all the right places, but like I said its not just me! A girlfriend of mine, whom also fit into the medium, has a bit bigger hips and bust, but it fit her great as well. It really is a dress for ever one and every size!

_DSC0182When I purchase this beauty, you can bet I’ll be getting in from Rowena,  my favorite dress shop! Their website, Retroglam.com, also has this baby listed, but I must advise to get it quick, because I don’t see it lasting in the shop or online for long!


The detail on the Voodoo Vixen is fantastic- its simple, but stunning. The neckline sits perfectly and the waterfall along the hip is placed just right. I believe this dress most definitely will be my grad dress- what do you think?


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