What I Wore: Pinup Girl’s Jenny skirt and Peaseant top

I am a sucker for holidays, so naturally on Valentines Day, I wanted to dress pretty and of course in the traditional holiday colors. I was also working which was more of an excuse to dress up. A week or so prior, I put on the cherry jenny skirt and red ( and black) peasant top, both from Pinup Girl Clothing, for an instagram photo for the store, and as luck would have it, I fell in love with both pieces. Needless to say, they had to come home with me.


I will admit I was weary of the Jenny skirt at first – there is just so much fabric! But when I put it on, I quite liked it. At the store I hear it all the time, when ladies put on a swing skirt for the very first time- i look so big! But in reality, they don’t, in fact they look much smaller and like they have a more traditional shape. Because they jenny skirt has so much darn fabric, the fear is doubled, however I like my shape in it.

_DSC0202Now, lets talk about fit for a minute, because boy does this skirt fit small! My waist is 29″ and I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl Clothing. This Jenny is a large and is still a little snug, coming in at 28″ at the waist. So ladies, size up, when you are ordering one of this skirts, so you won’t be disappointed when it just wont zip up.

The peasant top, fits nice and snug in a medium, just the way I would like it to.

_DSC0204I got both of these pieces at Rowena, in Edmonton, where they have a few other patterns of the Jenny dress ( the italian scene, spider print…) and also the peasant top in black. Retroglam.com, their online shop also carries all these goodies, so do not fear if you don’t live around here, Rowena has got you covered!

_DSC0203For Valentines Day my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a candlelit dinner and cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop, Crave. After dinner, we went ice skating, which was funny because neither of us had been skating in 10-15 years! But we got the hang of after a few minutes, so I am certain will be going a few more times before the ice melts.

How was your Valentines Day? What sort of love-sick shenanigans did you get up tp?


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