Before I turn 30: a list, revisited

I just recently found a list I had made in 2011 of some  things to do before I turned 30. At that time I was 25, I am now 28. Its not an extensive list and some of things are quite ambitious….lets see what Ive gotten done so far.

Here is the list

1. Get another tattoo
2. Go to Japan
3. Go to Greece
4. Go back to school
5. Ride a Ferris Wheel ( really, I haven’t, Im terrified of heights)
6. Pay of my credit card
7. Run a half marathon ( which may eventually turn into a whole marathon)
8. Get published
9. Learn to swing dance ( now, if only I had a partner)
10. Buy an expensive, gorgeous pair of shoes

In the three years since I made this list I have: gotten 2 more tattoos, rode a ferries wheel ( in February at Disneyland), went back to school ( and am 1.5 months away from graduating), paid off my credit card ( and racked it up again)…and thats it. 4 out of 10 things, with 2 years to go! I think this list could use a revision, as I don’t really care about getting published anymore, and I am certain I could add a few things on, like start my own company and move into a new house or apartment. Anyway I thought I’d share this list and see if anyone of you had similar lists.

Also here is me in 2011283504_10150237125735872_6087690_n163115_482323650871_3603314_n

And here is me now, in 2014


How time changes everything….


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