60’s hair-do

I have been playing around with my hair a bit more lately and trying out new and different retro styles. Because I have really long hair, I can’t do the soft waves most girls do – my hair never holds a curl, it would just take way too much time, and not look as nice as the gals who have shorter hair.

One morning before work I had a little extra time, so went on youtube to watch some hair tutorials. I stumbled on one by Pinup Doll Ashely Marie, which seemed simple enough, so I have it a shot!

The tutorial was for a 60s beehive bouffant, with a hair scarf. I’ve been trying to figure out a new way to wear my hair up in a scarf and this video was just the answer! I was so proud of how it turned out and got some nice compliments at work too!

10409400_10152067248090872_630799345688339080_nPinup Girl Clothing makes some great hair scarves that don’t slip and stay just where you put them. They are sturdy enough to make a nice bow that won’t flop around, which i think it oh so important. They might seem a touch pricey at 20-something bucks, but they are 100% worth every penny.


I did my fringe different than shown in the video, just because this was easier for me.

Some of my own styling tips before the video link…

Dirty hair is always easiest to style

A good back combing comb is fairly essential

Pomade is not just for men ladies- Layrite works amazing on vintage hair styles

A good variety of sizes of bobby pins are handy

And don’t try for perfection, keep practicing, and just give it a shot!

Now, for the lovely Ashely Marie’s tutorial

She does such a great job making this style super easy and I will definitely be checking out more of her videos!


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