November Detox

Inspired from other gals Ive seen have month long goals or no-no lists, Ive decided to make November my month to detox. My detox includes my diet, my wallet, and physical activity. I have a trip to Vegas planned in December and it’s Christmas ( which also means boxing day!); November will be my prep month to save money and create more healthy habits.

DETOXMy November Detox looks like this

Say No To:

  • soda – i love myself a can of coke every once and while but this  month I hope to kick the habit all together
    • sweets and processed junk- when I am not prepared for the day or need to get groceries, I find myself making bad choices, but not this month!
    • energy drinks- boy do I love energy drinks, but they are burning a hole in my pocket and probably in my organs too!
    • frivolous spending- I’ve set a budget for myself and plan to stick to it. I work at the mecca of all pinup and rockabilly clothing, so there was no reasonable way I could not spend any money, so a budget will help keep my spending in check

CocaColaPostermars_3spoonsSay Yes To:

  • getting up early and going to bed early- I usually do, but iD like to get up even early to increase productivity
  • going to yoga- 1-2 per week. yoga clears my find and makes my body feel oh so good
  • save money- crossing my fingers I can save at least $500
  • workout- okay, I already workout quite a bit, but I want to make a more regular schedule.
  • work more- I’m hoping to find a second job asap!

fb0a85382aad0961192a7aee2f8dbd06Well, that’s it! My November Detox list. I have high hopes I will stick to my detox and have a healthy happy month…and maybe be a little richer at the end of it!

If you want to do the detox with me, head over to my facebook page and tell me your detox list


1 thought on “November Detox

  1. I love this list, and I hope you don’t mind me using it as an inspiration for myself. I have been putting off giving up soda for so long now, and I just need to do it. Thank you again for the inspiration and best of luck to you!

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