Danger De Lux Book Club: Book of the Month- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

For those who don’t know, I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, which really just means I love to read- I always have! I was that nerdy girl who would read books for fun, who would read a new book each week, who read Shakespeare as a pre-teen because I wanted to.

I am always reading a new book and figured I would start a cyber-book club, if you will! I will let all you gals know which book I am reading or have read each month and you all can read it too.

Novembers book ( and I may do two this month, because this one is short) is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, published in 1999. This book is categorized as Teen, but as someone who is not a teen I really enjoyed it. And it is set in the early 90s which is always fun!


The break down:

The book is written in a diary/letter format, as the narrator is writing anonymous letters to an unknown recipient, however the style allows the reader to feel as though they are the recipient. The narrator, Charlie, is a 15/16 year boy who leads us through his first year in high school. In a gist, Charlie is shy, unpopular, highly intellectual, and just trying to figure things out. Through the course of the year he makes new friends, has his first kiss and his first girlfriend, learns to drive, gets drunk and tries drugs, watches the Rocky Horror Picture show for the first time, has his first break up and fight with his new friends, and learns a lot about himself…and we end up learning a lot about Charlie; he struggles emotionally most of the time, often crying, and at the end of the book we learn why.


This 213 page book is an easy read…it took me about a week of casual reading to finish. It is a coming of age story that I am sure a lot of adults can relate to…your first love, fighting with your best friends, death…I won’t provide a whole synopsis, because Id rather you just read it and find out for yourself…It is a coming of age story and who doesn’t love that?

lllllllI picked up my copy at the library (yeg Cats and Kittens, the Edmonton Public Library is still offering free library cards) which is a great place to stumble upon new books you may not consider otherwise.

There was a film made of the book, which I have yet to see, which came out in 2012. I intend to watch to see how all the characters are portrayed and how they convert the diary/letter style of the book into film.

Have you already read this book or see the film? Comment and let me know


1 thought on “Danger De Lux Book Club: Book of the Month- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  1. I saw the film a year or so ago. I had no idea it was a novel too, though I should have guessed, better movies usually are! I’ll certainly have to go back and check it out! The film is terrific!

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