Hair Tutorial: Suicide Roll

I’ve finally sat down and done another hair tutorial. I have been ho-ing and humming about my hair lately because, well, I am just bored with it!! Its been the same for ages, but I refuse to cut it! So what’s a gal to do? Well, learn a new hairstyle, that’s what! The suicide roll is so much easier than it looks and it a pretty badass style if you ask me! So I did a quick tutorial to show you all how to do it. When I am at work I always get asked how I do my rolls or get the sweetest compliments! I love making these videos to show you all how easy it is to have wicked hair, so enjoy!

Snapshot_20150307_9This style works best if your hair is dirty, as it is easier to work with. You will need a backcombing tool, a soft bristle comb or brush, hairspray, just a few bobby pins, and a flower or two if you like.

I am still working on my video execution and am moving around a lot in the end, but the main part where I show you how to do the roll is clear. Watch and let me know what you think! Also, if there is anything else you

I forgot to grab some flowers for the video, so here is the complete look, with three flowers on the one side. Seriously dolls, you need to try out this hair style!



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