Friday Finds: white wicker handbags

A little while ago I was selling off all my purses, keeping only the ones I really loved and used most. Since then, I have begun collecting vintage purses ( all the ones I sold were modern or reproduction). My collection has probably doubled as a result of my new obsession…oh well, whats a gal to do?!

I now have two beautiful, white wicker vintage handbags, both which I got at killer prices. They were both found at the antique mall here in town. The antique mall is a place that teases you with pretties you can’t afford; it also has tons of the same junk everyone already has; it sometimes has things trying to be passed off as vintage, which aren’t; but it also has some amazing deals if you are patient and look for them, which is how I found these  vintage purses.


My most recent find is a soft white wicker handbag, with a nice, big opening ( pet peeve: purses that don’t open wide enough). It has a small handle and nice big body. It is more of a casual piece, which I see myself carrying more often than the one I will show you next. The tag on the inside reads ” Styled by Artel Montreal. Made in Japan”. She is in near perfect condition and cost me a whole $12. Isn’t it just the sweetest?

wicker7 wicker8

When I found this vintage wicker bag, I was over the moon. It is in beautiful condition, is hard wicker and has, what I am assuming are, lucite handles and tiles/squares on the front. It is quite a decent size as well, which is a nice treat! I cannot believe I only paid $24 for it!! This was an absolutely amazing find!



If I didn’t look thoroughly I wouldn’t have found the first wicker bag, so again, always have a real good look when you are out thrift or vintage shopping. Also, always look at prices…even if you think it looks expensive, look because it just may not be!

 do you have any vintage handbags? do tell!!


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