Swish Picks: Western Wear

My very first shift at Swish I saw this great two piece skirt and blouse combo that was patterned with cowboys, horses, and cacti. I had said ” this would be perfect for Viva”. One day, I’ll get there… This post is celebrating all the western and western inspired pieces at Swish. We do live in Alberta after all and K-Days and The Stampede are happening right away, so why not dress the part and maybe snag a real life Cowboy for yourself!


20150630_142716 (2)This maxi skirt and sleeves blouse combo is most likely from the 90s or even later. It fits a modern medium.


20150630_142654 (2)

20150630_142702 (2)20150630_143101 (2)

I love this camel maxi and matching jacket20150630_143105 (2)

No Cowgirl outfit would be complete with out boots of course! Swish just got in some of the most amazing 1970s and 80s cowboy boots, some made of alligator even! These all came from the same lady and would fit a gal with a size 7 or 8 foot.

20150630_142231 (2) 20150630_142327 (2) 20150630_143808 (2)

Swish,like I mentioned last week, has an amazing collection of handbag and you bet she has tooled leather ones as well!! Perfect to get the western look!

20150630_142216 (2) 20150630_143631 (2)Your outfit is now almost complete! But just needs one or two more touches…

20150630_145914 (2)

A hanky to wipe away your tears when the cowboy you love leaves town. Swish has tons of hankies, upon which seeing, I thought, why did these ever go out of style, and I promptly purchased one. Not only are they a stylish way to wipe away tears ( or watering eyes), but they are environmentally friendly.

20150630_142129 (2)One may also need a Bolo Tie just to make the western look even more apparent.

And for fun…

20150630_144012-1 (2)a beautiful, but as is, western/mexican themed table cloth!

You are all ready for summer in the wild west now! Like I mentioned in my last post, Swish does not have a website, but Im certain she would mail you out anything you see here!

More Swish Picks are coming next week… a post full of divine Maxi dresses!! Stay tuned.


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