Danger De Lux: MIA

I haven’t been posting much lately…or at all for that matter. I started a new job about 2 months ago, which means I am no longer surrounded by pinup dresses and gals, but instead am working 10- 12 hours a day at a gym. As I am transitioning and figuring out how to balance work and life, I have found little to no time to be creative. I am also trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog…if I want to keep it, changing up the content, or just stop all together.


At the end of my day, I have no energy left to try to write about clothing I don’t even get to wear anymore. You see, I wear gym clothes all day everyday now… well, except for Tuesdays when I work at Swish. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal, not dressing up everyday…but I really miss it. By the time Saturday night rolls around, I’m usually exhausted from my week and would rather stay in. I have been making more of an effort though to go out and wear my dresses, that now hang sadly in the closet.


I have also been feeling overwhelmed with life and some of the choices I need to make in the upcoming months as I approach my 30th birthday (eeks!) My mind has been working over time thinking, thinking, thinking!

So, that is where I have been…at the gym, in my gym clothes! And trying to sort out life and what I intend on doing with it. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of blogging things here shortly


2 thoughts on “Danger De Lux: MIA

  1. Whoa! I’ve been reading through your blog today and I can super relate to this one! Back when I was working at the mascot factory I felt so blaaah all the time. I had to wear the scrappiest clothes to work because I was constantly working with industrial sewing machines, hot glue, and all kinds of other zany supplies that go into costume making. I ruined my pair of red high waisted PUG pants because oil from the sewing machines would constantly dribble out. Basically, I could only wear things I was prepared to have ruined. In addition to the super long hours and the lack of funds from working said job….I had no time or energy to dress up. I didn’t realize what an effect it was having on me until months into the job. This job made me realize how much my personal style is a part of me. Not being able to bouffant my hair, wear make-up, and dress up just made me feel so far from myself. Oh man, and the effect this all had on my confidence? Massive.

    I eventually moved on from that job and found a much better balance. I’m not sure that’s the answer here but there definitely needs to be a balance between work and personal life. And our style is part of that! I love seeing you in your full on pin up garb! You’re so good at styling the whole package – the hair, make up, clothes, everything! I get that we cant always dress like this – I’m in leggings and an “around the house” shirt as I type this, but we need to express ourselves whenever the opportunities present themselves if it makes us happy.

    Oh and I think you’ve done and are doing an amazing job with your blog! Great content and it’s nice to see other gals writing about the things they’re passionate about.

    • thanks nicole!! its still a struggle. ive now moved on to another new job and i still cannot express my full style there either! i am so thankful for my one day at Swish where I can dress up. Its a weird time in life where I need to figure out some things. but style for gals like us, in really a big part of who we are and a lot of people just dont get it. I basically work every day and I know I need to find that balance, which I am working on. Im glad you’ve found a place where you can express yourself!! Heres hoping I get there one day too!!

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