Tatyana has me seeing spots.

Back in the summer I purchased a few dresses off of the Tatyana website. This was when they were switching from Bettie Page to Tatyana and had just listed a ton of super cute dresses in their clearance section. I had my eye on this little yellow number for a while but was scared to take the plunge – I usually stick to safer colours that I am familiar and comfortable with. Gosh, I can’t even recall the last time I had worn yellow! But at the price, I could not pass up this yellow wiggle dress

.taty1I was flipping through my closet trying to decide what to wear to work, when I thought, golly, I have only worn this dress once since I purchased it! I slipped it on and thought once more, why don’t I wear this dress more often?! It is super slinky, which usually makes me weary that it is going to show all my bits, but instead it hugs me just right. This yellow number is very stretchy ( it doesn’t even require a slit) and accentuates my hour glass figure.

taty2While I wore this dress to work, I think it would be equally fantastic for a night out. If there is one thing I love, its a low cut neckline and this dress does not disappoint. A pair of black heels, back-seam stockings, and vintage bangles complete my look; for an evening out, a black vinyl clutch would do the trick!


Tatyana still has a big clearance section on their website, which I believe is the brand clearing out the old Bettie Page items. Nonetheless, you can get a fantastic deal on a dress or two. I think I may have paid $20 for this dress and it was worth every dime. I purchased another one at the same time, but still have to get it tailored ( if you don’t see your size.consider buying one up to get it taken it- the price is right). I got this wiggle dress in a medium and it is the perfect fit. I find Tatyana usually fits true to size. I measure at 37-30-41.

taty4I can’t resist Cherries little face! She just wants to be a model ( it think she might just make it, don’t you?)

Below are the pretty bangle I paired with my dress- both gifts; one a glass olive bangle, and the other a yellow butterscotch carved Bakelite bangle.


 What is your favorite wiggle dress? Or your favorite Tatyana dress?


Mud Hero

This past weekend I did the Mud Hero in Red Deer. The route was 6 km and 16(ish) obstacles, half of which consisted of disgusting, gooey, sticking, smelly mud and the other half wore you down physically, as they required a lot of energy and strength, mean while, it was also a run, so we had to run! But, because I love working out, it was tons of fun and it felt so good to cross the finish line!

drumheller 027

drumheller 043

Some of the obstacle included a hike up a very long, super steep hill, wadding through a muddy pool to crawl though a small tunnel, weaving through a web of elastic string, crawling over top 30 feet of netting, running over cars, crawling through mud and muck to go under logs, climbing walls and cargo netting, and well, a lot more mud and muck!

drumheller 069

drumheller 046

I think I will definitely do this again next year! And now that I did it once, I know what to expect. Ill probably wearing shorts and a tank top, Ill definitely  wear gloves ( I sliced open my finger and it was not pretty), I will not go so fast down the slide which caused me to go right under in the pool of mud, and Ill bring lots of wipes to clean off with. Luckily I brought my swimsuit so we could go to Sylvan Lake afterwards!

drumheller 041

drumheller 058

(look at me running, I look good, right?)

To find out more about the Mud Hero run and find an event near you, check out their website

color me rad

On Sunday I ran a wicked 5km run- The Color Me Rad 5km color run! At each kilometer, the runners got splashed and covered with a different colour- purple, yellow, green, red, and pink! At the finish line everyone got their own colour pack to open and throw in celebration!

colour me rad 057

While the event was kind of mismanaged and a bit all over the place, it was tons of fun! Edmonton doesn’t get too many fun races, but I think that is going to change; this event sold out within the first day, so they added a second day.

My boyfriend came along to take photos of my friend and I. He took one before:

colour me rad 018

And some of after:

colour me rad 073

colour me rad 071

Don’t we look rad?! Every one got super cool sunglasses and wore white and a giant smile!

There were tons of people who ran the event. The proceeds when to the Stollery Childrens Hospital, so it’s awesome the event sold out- twice!

colour me rad 024

colour me rad 061

colour me rad 062

colour me rad 049

If the Color Me Rad run comes to a town near you, I strongly suggest running it!

Check out the website to see if its coming to your town


what i wore: Rock Steady

It was finally nice out this weekend. And by nice, I mean hot and sunny- just the way I like it. I figured the sunshine called for a breezy swing skirt and some cute hair that would stay out of my face all day. I recently purchased a simple, black, Rock Steady swing skirt and this is just the skirt I wore.

rocksteady swing 010

I absolutely adore this skirt. I paired it with a black crop top and a chunky Betey Johnson necklace, and of course, my favorite shoes to wear all day at work, Fly London round-toes chunky heels.

This skirt is very affordable and well worth more than what I paid ( It think it retails around $52-$55). I bought it in a large, as the medium was just a touch too small, but since wearing it a few times, it has stretched out and is now too big. I moved the button over to make it a bit tighter, but really should have just gotten the medium ( has a I known…). Otherwise, it is perfect.

rocksteady swing 017

rocksteady swing 018

( I know this one is a little blurry, but the skirt still looks good…)

I put my hair up in Victory Rolls, as know I feel more accomplished in doing them and pinned a white flower on the black, to complete the black and white theme I was doing. Like I said, I wore a lovely Betsey Johnson necklace, which I thrifted in Hawaii for a mere $12!

rocksteady swing 021

Rowena still has some sizes in stock of this skirt, among others. And Rock Steady makes plus sizes in all of their killer clothes, so this skirt is available in 2xl and 3xl! Come in and try one on and find out for yourself how amazing it it….it is seriously my new favorite skirt and because it is black it is so versatile ( I jazzed it up later that evening with bigger jewelry and big wedges and went dancing)

what i wore: heartbreaker doreen

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it- the cut and the pattern, it was the perfect combination. But as luck would have it, both mediums were snatched up, so I had to wait patiently for it to come, special order for me. This dress is perfectly mod and so flattering and on lots of different body shapes too.



Like I mentioned above, I got a medium and it fits like a glove. The cut is so nice and I feel terrific in it. Its fun and flirty without being to risqué, so its the perfect little mod dress. There are so other patterns- plaid, an atomic, and black and white “optic”. The cosmic dot was my favorite, but I do have my eye on the black and white one. There is a tie in the back for that extra cinched waist look, that every gal wants.

I wore the Doreen to work the other day with a pair of black wedges and did my hair up in a messy mini beehive with a big turquoise flower in the back. I felt like a 60’s gal for sure.



I got mine at Rowena– they still have them in stock if you’re in the market for a super cute mod dress. This exact style is not on RetroGlam.com but they have a ton of other Heartbreaker styles.

Also check out the Heartbreaker website to see all the styles they offer.

working out your insides

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m just finishing up the last few weeks of the semester, and boy oh boy am I busy!! All I seem to have been doing the last 6 months, is work and school… so you can imagine how excited I am for the end of April… then I get 4 months off and tons of time to make money for my next semester. For those who don’t know, I am taking personal fitness training. I love working out… its one of my favorite things to do and I want to share my passion with other people and get them pumped to sweat too!

I posted a while back about the hype lately over accepting ones body, you can read it here.

Last week in one of my classes, I had to talk about my personal philosophy and why I will be a great (fitness) leader. My main point was to accept people as they are and to help them work out their insides too- meaning, not everyone is going to look like a body builder or a fitness model and the sooner they and everyone else accepts it, the sooner they can get on a path to health and happiness. I also wanted to let my classmates know I have heard some unacceptable comments from them in regards to overweight people and even just people who don’t have an ideal body, and it made me sad. It makes me sad that people in my ( soon to be ) profession have such negative views on bodies ( not every one of course) and I want to be part of the change. In fact, lets all be part of the change! Next time you are about to say ” ugh, I’m so fat” consider who is going to hear you say that…. probably someone bigger than you. Not to mention what negative self talk does to the person saying/thinking it. So, lets employ positive body talk and encourage everyone else to as well, and workout because it makes you feel good- it really does, trust me!

hawaii 321

Anyway, I hope to be posting on a regualr basis soon and have some outfits to share with you and summer fun! In the meantime, lets all make a point to make positive body comments and keep negative thoughts at bay!