What’s in your makeup bag: Ruby Roxx

As promised, here is part 2 of my Ruby Roxx feature and interview. In case you missed it last week, Ruby answered a few of my questions, to which she provided some pretty great answers- you should probably go read it, if you haven’t yet. Check it out here.

Ruby Roxx is a pinup and alternative model hailing from Vancouver, BC. She has graced the cover of some of our favorite pin up magazines like Delicious Dolls, Garters & Grills, and The Pin Up Magazine.

Today Ruby shares with us what is in here makeup bag…Are you ready for it?

Here is what Ruby had to say about her look:

“Of course I don’t use all of these every day. If im not shooting, I work from home, and like to give my skin a break, so most days I only wear mascara. The most important part for me is my skin care. I wash morning and night using Cetephil. I use a toner, a serum and a day/night moisturizer. And of course my Avene thermal water.”

I would agree that skin care is such an important part of every gals beauty regime… If our skin is not plump, pampered, hydrated, and cared for, the rest of out look will be thrown off… powders will crease, skin can look tried… you get the idea. I think I may have to try Rubys Avene Thermal water and see what magic it can do for me.

Rubys makeup bag and contents:

010 (2)

From left to right

  • Oh My Lash False Lashes
  • SauceBox “crème de la crème” palate (perfect for Smokey eyes)
  • Lime Crime lip gloss in “red velvet”. Dries to a perfect, smudge proof, matte red.
  • Avene Thremal Spring Water Spray. Skin care is the most important part about my beauty routine. I spray this on my face 3-4 times a day, as well as moisturize morning and night. It keeps my skin hydrated, keeps redness at bay, and is invigorating. Its my favorite product by far.
  • Youngique Fibre lash mascara. I use it on top of my regular mascara for extra length, when I’m not wearing false lashes.
  • MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC15
  • Benefit Brows a-go-go kit
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder in Medium
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Stained Gloss
  • MAC lipstick in Candy Yum Yum
  • Nars Blush in Orgasm
  • Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara
  • DUO eyelash glue

10613040_752254138165263_6160751857018918029_n (2)

I’ve used a few of the same products as Ruby listed, but I think I may have to try a few more… I’d love to try out Youngique, as my lashes can sometimes leave a lot to be imagined. I am still looking into trying new eye brow products as well, so may have to check out what Benefit has to offer.

Do you use any of the same products as Ruby? Want to show us whats in your makeup bag? Send Danger De Lux an email!

Don’t forget to follow Ruby on facebook to see what shes up to


And one more big THANKS to Ruby for showing us what her favorite makeup is and answering a few questions for us! Not only is she a total bombshell, but she is sweet as pie.


Q & A with Ruby Roxx

I am so excited for todays post, which  features the stunning Ruby Roxx – an internationally published bombshell of a model.

Not only is she going to share with us what is in her makeup bag, she also so kindly answered a few questions for us. I was going to put it all in one post, but Ruby’s answers to my questions were so well thought out, I am splitting it into two posts.

Before we get to the Q & A, I just want to say a big ‘thank-you’ to Ruby for taking the time to share with us not only her makeup, but some great tips on getting into pinup modelling, how to get a perfect pin-up leg, and a few interesting facts about herself.

ruby-26-X2 (2)(photo credit: Cat Tetreault Photography)

  1. How did you get into pinup modelling? Where did Ruby Roxx begin?

7 years ago, I was asked by a friend to be a model for her hair salon. I had never modeled before, but agreed to do it in exchange for a free cut and colour. When I was at the shoot, I just fell in love with being in front of the camera. I had always had a passion for vintage and retro. I loved the classic looks of movie stars and pinups from the 40’s and 50’s. I asked the photographer if he would be interested in shooting me as a pinup. He agreed. I spent a month practicing my poses in the mirror, and buying just the right outfits. When the day of my shoot came along, I was ready. I had so much fun, and that was the start of Ruby the pinup.

2626_60787270681_3385663_n (2)(photo credit: Mike Chatwin)


2.What advice can you give to gals looking to break into the pinup world?

Do your research. Practice your faces and posing in the mirror. Hire a PROFESSIONAL pinup photographer. You will likely get hair and makeup, pose coaching, and even sometimes, wardrobe included. This is the best way to beef up your portfolio. It is an investment in your career. I spend a lot of time online, networking, updating my facebook and other social media, planning shoots etc. It’s a great hobby for someone to do for fun, and its also an amazing career. But as with any career, it takes time, patience, motivation, skill and hard work. Most of all, have fun! That is the most important part.

  1. What are your wardrobe staples? Your favorite brands and favorite place to shop?

 For pinup, my wardrobe staples are what goes on underneath. My support wear and stockings. Proper support wear will give you the flawless shape that is so important when it comes to pinup. Whenever I shoot, I wear support wear (my favourite are from Rago or Orchard Corset), full pantyhose to make my legs look flawless, and thigh high, back seam nylons on top (my favourites are from Kix’ies and Secrets in Lace). Not only does it even out your skin tone and curves but it gives you a true vintage look.

R3 small (2)(photo credit: Vestige Photography)


  1. As a curvy model, whats your take on all the body positive and shaming happening in the pinup community right now?

I can not stand body shaming, but a lot of people have it mixed up. They think by telling me that I am “a real woman” that is a compliment. ALL women are real women, regardless of size, shape, age, or anything else. It’s just as offensive to tell a slim person to eat a cheese burger as it is to tell me to lose weight. Some people seem to think that by telling me I’m better than someone who is slim, that they are being body positive, but I find that terribly offensive. Body positivity is not tearing one body type down to bring up another. In fact, that is body shaming in its truest form.

I am very confident in my own skin, but just like everyone else, I have bad days. It’s upsetting when someone calls me a “pig” or “unhealthy”. I am a very healthy person. My health has nothing to do with my size, just as my beauty doesn’t depend on a dress size. I just try to remember however on those bad days that most of the people that comment those things are just trolls looking for a reaction from me. Its easily fixed with “block and delete” combo.

DSC_4668_fb (2)(photo credit: Pinup Perfection)

  1. When you are not being fabulous in front of the camera, what else might you up to?

I just had a wonderful summer traveling down the west coast. I love to travel. I got a beautiful camera for my birthday, so im trying to figure out how to use it. When I’m at home, I love to relax with my boyfriend, or friends, with a glass of wine and some good food. Maybe go listen to live music or visit a tiki bar.

I also just started a brand new magazine called “Beauty Mark Magazine”, so that has been keeping me busy. I wanted to create a magazine that was a different kind of fashion/beauty publication. I wanted to challenge people to see their true beauty in all their imperfections and uniqueness, instead of the idealized version of beauty we see in so many magazines right now. It will also include stories, interviews, product reviews and more. It is scheduled to release in November 2014, so that has been keeping me very busy. I’m very excited to see where this new adventure will lead me!

DSC_0884 (2)(photo credit: Aparte Photography)

6.Do you have any quirks or hidden talents we should know about?

I used to be a professional chef, so I love to cook. I don’t do it professionally anymore, but I love to cook whenever I get the chance. I also can make a mean cocktail. I have my own mini web series “Retro Recipes with Ruby Roxx” that I am hoping to film more of in the next few months. You can find them on my website at www.rubyroxxmodel.com

My goodness, doesn’t Ruby sound like one fun gal?! If I’m ever in Vancouver, I’m definitely going to have to see how ‘mean’ your cocktails actually are! Make sure you all check out Ruby Roxx on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rubyroxxmodel.

I just had to look up some of her videos, because I love retro cocktails… And of course, I had to share with you… Learn from Ruby how to make a classic Mai Tai below. And stay tuned for part 2 with Ruby Roxx and her makeup bag

what’s in your makeup bag: fuller figure fuller bust

You guys and gals are in for a very special treat! Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, who blogs from way across the pond in the UK, is sharing what is in her makeup bag with us! If you are not familiar with Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, head on over to her blog and/or facebook page to learn about proper fitting under garments, dressing for your body, and celebrating your shape.

I can’t say how excited I am that Georgina wanted to be part of this series. This lady has been an inspiration to many other women, by celebrating her curves, knowing how to dress for her body type, and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the world. She always presents herself in a positive, respectful, fun-loving manner and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of makeup she uses and maybe try some out for myself


Here is what Georgina had to say about her makeup bag:

“I’m make up free most days, but when I do wear it I go all out! I won’t always wear all of this at once, but generally this is my complete look”


Natio primer
Chanel Vitalumière foundation
Benefit Pore Fessional powder and cream
Benefit Hello Flawless
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes
Benefit High Beam (do you see a theme?!)
No7 bronzing pearls applied with my Ecotools brush
Natural Collection liquid liner
Benefit They’re Real mascara
MAC lip liner
MAC Pro Longwear lip creme blended in with an Ecotools brush
Rimmel Apocalips to help stop my lips looking dry

A big ‘thank-you’ to Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for sending these amazing photos and sharing her makeup kit with all of us! Georgina is a babe if I ever saw one, and I will definitely have to invest in some more Benefit Cosmetics!

This lovely lady is also on instagram and twitter, so follow her if you want to see her reviews on clothing and undergarments, pictures from photo shoots, and her life with a fuller figure and a fuller bust

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FFigureFBust



Stay tuned for more lovely ladies sharing what is in their makeup bag

Q & A with Cherry Dollface

I have a special treat for you today! Cherry Dollface – if there ever was a better fitting name- being the nice gal she is, answered ‘yes’ when I asked if I could interview her for my blog. A lot of people who are super busy and super awesome, can be super lame and turn down a request like mine. So you can imagine how excited I was when Cherry Dollface said she would gladly answer my questions.


A brief bio on the Miss Cherry Dollface- this lovely lady has it going on! She is a model, a hairstylist, a designer ( she collarboates with Rock Steady Clothing), a wife, and an inspiration to many a young women. Please check her out on facebook, youtube, her website, and instagram.


Now lets get to the questions….

1.       What is your favorite beauty product?
Oh man! Too many to name! But I love Paul Mitchell Hair products, Big Sexy styling products, Makeup Forever makes amazing foundations, concealers and primers, and Bomber Betty lip products.

2.       If you could give just one hair styling tip, what would it be?

Give your hair a rest!! Heat styling and using products everyday really takes its toll on your hair and you will end up with fried, lifeless hair. I give my hair a break every other day or as often as I can and just tie it in a top knot and leave it alone!

3.       What is your most coveted piece of clothing? Why?

I have a pretty good collection of vintage 1950’s hawaaian dresses. They make me feel so tropical!

4.       What do you think are the top 5 essentials to a pinup/rockabilly wardrobe?

A high waisted pencil skirt, a pair of peep toes, a pair of cuffed jeans, a good black cardigan, and at least one vintage dress!

tumblr_mz76jqct251sj1y9oo1_5005.       What is your favorite brand/type of lipstick?

I have a line with Bomber Betty Cosmetics that I love! Hollywood Harlot is an amazing neutral red that looks great on everyone. ( get it here)

6.       Any secret beauty tips you can give us for getting that perfect pin-up look?

Don’t cake your face with base makeup. Focus more on your red lips and cat eyes. You want to look sassy– but not masky!

7.       How did you get into doing hair? Where did it all begin?

I started swing dancing when I was 14 and wanted to figure out how to do vintage styles to match the dancing and the clothes. It was before the internet existed so I just looked at old photos and tried my best to learn!

8.       Essential pin-up hair styling tools?

A 3/4″ curling iron, a good hairspray, a setting spray, bobby pins, pin curl clips, and a teasing/smoothing comb.

9.       Where is your favorite place to find great vintage?

Anywhere I can!! Ebay is a pretty trusty. Etsy is getting better. Unfortunately finding it local is too expensive.

10.   With no bias here… what is your favorite reproductive brand and why?

Steady Clothing!! It is made in the USA, they have been around for 20 years, they make affordable items, and they fit amazingly well! I also design a new piece for them each season, but I was already a fan even before I started collaborating.


11.   If you are getting all dolled up, what is your go to look?

I like variety!! I usually do the basic cat eyes and red lips, but I like to change up my shadow colors, add glitter, change my reds, etc. And I have a huge wardrobe so I wear all kinds of different things!

12.   And the opposite, if you are dressing casual, what do you wear?

I am a jeans/shorts and a tank top kind of girl. I usually just wear my hair in a top knot and wear BB cream and mascara on my face.

PinUp-Tank_1024x102413.   When are you coming to Canada do teach us Canadian gals to do hair?

As soon as I find a place to host my class! All I need a space!

14.   Any wise words you would like to pass on to pinup and rockabilly gals trying to make in a modern world?

Just be yourself. You don’t have to fit into a cookie cutter image of what you think rockabilly is. There is no ONE right way to be yourself, so have fun!

15.   And whats next for Cherry Doll Face? Any upcoming events, etc?

Always touring! Check out my website for my latest events: cherrydollface.com


And just for fun…EITHER OR ( you can only pick one, which one will it be…)



red, obviously




red lips




white wine


depends on the day! converse mostly though




walking dead




take out


depends on my mood, but I live in the city


clean shaven always!


polka dots













A big Thank-You to Cherry Dollface for taking the time to answer my questions and share her wisdom with all of us. If you have yet to watch her you tube videos, what are you waiting for? Her tutorials are fantastic and she shares a lot of other fun tid-bits about her life, retro living, posing, and the works! Stay tuned to my blog for more awesome interviews and features! Thanks for reading.

*all photos taken from google.

Emmelie Aslin-retro & pin-up photographer

Lovely Swedish photographer, Emmelie Aslin, stopped  by Danger De Lux to answer a few questions!  If you’re not familiar with Miss Emmelie Aslin, it’s about time you know who she is. She takes some of the most gorgeous pin-up and vintage inspired photos I have seen. I feel honoured just to have her on my blog and have her share some photos with us, I could only imagine how amazing it would be to be shot by her!

Calamity Amelie by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

1 I’ve never been to Sweden, so I’m not  sosure what its like. Are there a lot of places to find good vintage clothing or housewares? What is the music scene like?

I live in Sundsvall which is in the middle of Sweden to the east coast and we do have some second-hand and vintage clothing stores. Although it’s not often that I find something of my taste here. I buy most of my vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy, there’s just too many goodies on there! There’s a lot of nice housewares here though, and often they’ll be cheaper here compared to in the South of Sweden where people tend to spend more.

I’d say the music scene is quite alright. I’m probably not the right person to ask because although I love music I’m not too involved. Me and my girls always dance and have a good time no matter what band is playing.

2. Are you a vintage lover yourself? Do you have favorite era?

I love the designs, the colors, and the playfulness about the 1940- 1950s clothing and accessories. I have a vintage wardrobe circling around that era and it’s getting pretty decent. Most vintage lovers would probably agree when I say my wardrobe will never be complete. No matter how many adorable little numbers I get to fill it with there’ll always be new pieces missing to the puzzle.

Miriam Parkman by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

3. What are some of your favorite bands? Are there some local Sweden bands you can share with the rest of us?

Some might think I’m only into old beats and rock & roll, and they’re partially right. My musical taste is quite broad and I love old music but I also love hiphop, Irish music and rock. I don’t have a lot of bands or musicians that I follow year after year. My spotify playlist will have one song with one band, two with another etc. I’ve loved Eminem since his first album though, and I also think that Dropkick Murphy’s have a lot of really great songs. When I was younger the Swedish punk rock band Millencolin was played over and over again on my CD player. I still know the lyrics by heart.

4. What type of photography do you do most? Why do you think that is? What is it that draws you to it?

I’m specialized in pin-up and vintage photography and although I photograph different things as well that’s where my heart is. My dad is partner in a company that sells old american car parts, and so we’ve always had a lot of cars in our family. I’ve gone to car shows, cruises, and swap meets for as long as I can remember. When I started photographing, the cars and the culture around them became a natural part of my photography.

Susan D, Frida Eriksson, and Rebecka Johansson by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

5. Your from Sweden. Do you travel often for shoots? How can someone from North America book a shoot with you?

I wouldn’t say I travel a lot but I am beginning to travel more and more. I went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas earlier this year to photograph some American pin-up models (and to go to VLV of course). Last year I went to the United Kingdom to photograph two ladies with old airplanes in May and in September I went to Finland and the X-treme car show. If someone far away wanted to book me for a shoot I’d say to try to catch me if we ever go to the same event or place! Or to come to Sweden, it’s quite lovely here.

6. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your photography?

To me, no matter what you do, if you go to work happy you’re in the right place. I’m very happy, and fortunate to be able to do what I love and create images for a living. It’s my number one passion and you’ll catch me dead before I’ll ever stop.

Micheline Pitt and Josh McKevitt by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

Be sure to look up Emmelie Aslin on facebook and check out her amazing photos. You can also head to her website and have a peak at her blog, where she also posts photos from shoots, features in magazines, and events she has attended.

All Photos by:

Photographer Emmelie Aslin


Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

All photos have been used with permision by the photographer. All photos are copy writed by the photographer and may not be used for anything outside of this post/publication without the photographers permission.