Rowena & The Junque Cellar

The other weekend I got to take part in a fabulous corroboration between Rowena and another local business, The Junque Cellar. The Junque Cellar has been around since I can remember and houses beautiful antique treasures! They are the only shop right on Whyte Ave that sells vintage furniture and housewares. On my walk home from work I often stop in and drool after all the beautiful pieces – they always have the best vintage couch sets! It’s a wonder why Rowena and The Junque Cellar didn’t collaborate sooner!


The shoot we did had more of a 60’s feel to it show casing some gorgeous Heart of Haute dresses and the always appropriate and timeless Erin from Pinup Girl Clothing! This shoot was extra cute because it involved a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead! The other two models are just adorable gals, who looked amazing in their dresses… like they were made for them!


Heart of Haute is easily becoming one of my favorite brands. The cuts are so flattering on so many body types and the patterns are always beautiful. They are also simple cotton dresses, so they are comfortable to wear and are so easy to dress up or wear casually.

The Monique is a very simple, a line dress, but it is a lovely fit and I am absolutely giddy over the harlequin print it just came in, in both pink and blue!


_DSC4446eget the new harlequin print here

Heart of Haute also did the Beverly in black, which I am over the moon about. Finally, a simple, black swing dress! I imagine myself wearing it all the time – you do not know how  often I search through my closet for a simple black swing dress, always to be reminded that I do not have one! Kristen is wearing it below and doesn’t it just look amazing on her?


get the black honeycomb Beverly here

Heart of Haute is known for its classic 50’s & 60s silhouettes and patterns, which are very wearable. Everything they make is in cotton and made in the USA, which means they are built to last.

_DSC4473eget the Veronica here and its on sale!


get the Doreen here

The amazing Hello June Photography was pumped to get to shoot at The Junque Cellar, where we were able to use the pieces they have for sale as props, to give this shot a great 60’s feel.

You can get all of the dresses seen above at Rowena in Edmonton or at

I’ve had a look at the the new spring collection from Heart of Haute and there are some great patterns coming! Florals are back again, but there are some great 60’s cuts and tropical prints too. This upcoming spring/summer season seems to be promisising for a lot of the brands Rowena carries – looks like Im going to have to get a 2nd job 😉

Dont forget to follow Hello June Photography to take advantage of contests she runs or find out how to book a session.

And follow The Junque Cellar too, especially if you are like me and like to be teased by amazing vintage house wares!


…they’re back

Mad Men is back. After a much too long break. As a lover of vintage, I, of course, am a lover of Mad Men. I spend quite a bit of my time imagining what it would be like to live in the 50’s and 60’s ( and when I’m feeling even more imaginative, the 20’s and 30’s). I love the fashion… the wiggle dresses, the dainty purses, kitten heels, even the undergarments. I love how the women always look beautiful and the men look so dreamy and handsome. The beautiful, shinny cars and the home decor…it all makes me melt. Enter Mad Men. If I were an actress, if would be my ultimate dream to be on the show… it is a dream actually, even though I gave up acting in grade 12…

Well, lets recap last nights 2 hour premier then.

The time line is pushing the late 60’s and the fashion is reflecting it; short, brighter dresses and mod style cuts have made their appearance. Joan however, and I’m sure Betty, too are still wearing shapes that flatter their lady-like silhouettes, in more traditional cuts and colours. The 70’s are my absolute least favorite era, but since the show isn’t quite there yet, I am still hoping to see some great fashion.

What did everyone think about Megan Drappers lovely birthday gift to Mr. Drapper?! It’s a copy cat of many typical performances of movies from the 60’s –  think: any Elvis Movie, Ann Margaret, The Party, etc – a sexy women, dressed in a sexy short dress, sings with a full band to back her up, with all the moves to make it a knock out performance. While Don is quite embarrassed, his colleagues get a good laugh out of it- as did I. This scene very much reminds me of the 60’s- the dress Megan wore was spot of the time period, the live band ( which included not just an African American, but a homosexual at that), the home decor complete with teak, white carpets, and gorgeous lamps, and cocktails and cigarettes.

The episode seemed to re introduce us to most of the characters and shed a little light on things to come. An affair or two surely will be in the mix; Don and Megan seem to have a rocky marriage; Pete’s looming depression and dissatisfaction; the introduction of a new character, which looks to be like the companies first African American employee; Joan’s return to the office and struggle with raising a child; Roger’s extreme distaste for his wife, which will lead to either divorce or an affair. The season premier has lined up quite a bit for this year and I am certain we are all waiting in anticipation for the drama to unfold.

xoxo N