Danger De Lux: all work and no play…

I wanted to write a little post since it has been so quite around here lately…a tumble weed just passed by!! I have so darn busy with work I haven’t had a moment to think! I have been working 9+ hours almost every day and then have to hit the gym after, so you could imagine, I have no energy left for creativity.

BUT! I have a few exciting blog posts in the works! This morning Hello June Photography and I got together for a 60s inspired photo shoot with some gorgeous frocks I borrowed from Swish Vintage, paired with a few pieces of my own.

Hello June shared one of the photos already and I am over the moon! I can not wait to see the rest!


I need to make more time to do the things I truly enjoy doing…getting dolled up, organizing photo shoots, hunting for antiques, being creative, spend time with my gal pals… Right now, Im really just working and going to the gym; I love going to the gym, so no complaints there, but this work thing! haha

I know I have said this before, I am going to make more of an effort to post, even if they are short and sweet. So, stay tuned for some posts coming soon!


Meet Hello June Photography

Finally, I get to properly introduce you to the women has been overly generous in photographing me in the past year. Without her, I would not have the beautiful images I do to keep with me as I age and to share with all of you now. Hello June Photography has given me the most beautiful photos of myself I have ever seen – and I don’t even care if that sounds vain. This women has a natural born talent to take photos and make you look amazing 100% of the time. She has also coached me on posing and built up my self-esteem by mounds!
1. Does Hello June Photography have a philosophy on photography?
Hm, it’s pretty hard to try and pinpoint a philosophy (also I feel more than certain I’m going to misinterpret this so lets just run with it!). I suppose it could be to use my camera as a tool to allow the subject to see how others view them. Not to try and sound pompous (as most do when quoting one of the “greats” in photography) but Ansel Adams said “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer”. I capture images specifically for the subject to be the viewer and I want them to see themselves through my eyes. Everyone is their own worst critique and I think to be able to see how someone else may view yourself may cause one to step back and see themselves in a new, hopefully more positive, light. If that happens, then I have succeeded at what I set out to do. And, you know, pretty pictures.
2. What kind of photography do you focus on and what is your favorite to shoot?I’m 100% portraiture. I have tried to photograph other things, but I never felt passion for it the same way as when I have a human subject. Give me anything retro inspired and I’m completely done. These days my focus is on pinup but it took a few years of dabbling and trying to be someone I wasn’t creatively to come to this point.
10423878_1557847161118950_3908505371244710877_n  3. Can you tell us a bit about the gal behind the lens?
Oh, you mean me? Well aren’t you just a doll to be interested! I guess the basics would be that I’m a mother of 2 living in the wonderful city of Edmonton with an obsession for antiques and spontaneous trips. I have an affinity for colourful hair, terrible jokes, and my personal style ranges from beer box t-shirts to over the top pinup. I’ve been shooting as my “main gig” so to say since 2010 but dabbled much before that (lets be honest it was mostly self portraits but it did teach me a lot).
4. Where and who have you worked with? Anyone we might know?Ah, time to name drop! I jest, but while in the past I have mostly done client work with those not in the industry I have gotten to work with some pretty cool people! I’ve had the honour of working with international pinup model Ruby Roxx in Vancouver recently which was a pretty amazing experience. Looking more locally I worked with Calgary designer Maark Abeenir of Averynthe back when his company was called Pretty Hipster as well as Katarina Zwierink who models and they are both doing pretty amazing things these days. Working with Rowena has allowed me to work with some locally known lovelies like Lucky L’amour, Maila Mustang, and yourself! Mostly though, I’m pretty new to working with those in the industry so I look forward to being able to work with more amazing designers, models, stylists and the like in the future!
5. What makes you and your style unique? What makes you stand out?
My colourful images and shining personality? Really though, it’s so hard to pinpoint what about my work, my style, is different from that created by others who photograph pinup. I try to create a relaxed atmosphere on shoots that allow my subject to be relaxed as well. Often this means lots of my terribly punny jokes, a dash of too much honesty, and letting my subjects know when they are really nailing a look (the amount of times I tell someone they are gorgeous on a shoot should be counted, I’m sure it would be in the double digits!). But with all this I think it allows images that are highly posed and directed to not look stiff or robotic. To get the look and style of a 50’s pinup, on the modern woman – the modern pinup. That, with my own love and obsession for what pinup is, mixed with influence from the great pinup artists Vargas and Elvgren and photographers Bunny Yeager and Viva Van Story, creates the imagery and style that is Hello June Photography.
6. Is there someone or somewhere you would just love to shoot?
 Gah, how can a photographer limit their list of “want to photograph” down to a reasonable rate for a blog post?! Location wise I honestly have a short attention span and love shooting in the great outdoors. To be able to go back to Europe and shoot in Lausanne (or pretty much any other European city) would be a dream but give me even a prairie field and I’m over the moon elated. Like I said before, there are some honestly amazing pinup models in Vancouver like Elly Mayday, Kerosene Delux, and Jen Kaboom but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I would probably fan girl way too hard if I ever got the chance to photograph the lovely Mosh.

7. If someone wants to shoot with you, how do they go about doing that?

Shoot me an email at hellojunephotography@gmail.com or message me through the Facebook page fb.com/hellojunephotography ! From there we can get down to the nitty gritty details of setting up

I highly recommend Hello June Photography for your next photo shoot. I especially recommend her for a pinup shoot and if you have not done any pinup modelling before, she will guide you in posing to make sure you end up with amazing photos. Not only does she capture beautiful images, Hello June Photography has fun with her shoots, making you feel at ease, relaxed, and like a total bombshell – its true, I should count how many times she tells me I’m gorgeous next time we shoot!

Adeline’s Attic- handpicked vintage clothing

Adeline’s Attic is an Edmonton based vintage clothing shop. Adeline’s Attic has been open for 5 years; in fact, this month marks their 5th birthday! Adeline’s Attic opened shop in 2009 on Etsy and you can still find her and all her gorgeous vintage there.

Vintage loving owner, Jill, who looks like shes stepped right off the Atlantic boardwalk, has a deep appreciation for vintage aesthetic. Her shop carries a wide range of wares, ranging from the 1920s to the 1990’s. The bulk of her collection falls within in the 20s to 50s, with a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Jill asked me if I would like to model some of her vintage pieces and with delight, I said I would love to. As a vintage loving girl living in a modern world I have difficulty finding vintage pieces that fit my waist. It is common to find pieces with a 25-27″ waist, however 29-30″ is much rarer. Adeline’s Attic carries a a ton of different sizes, which makes me oh so happy, as I would love to add more vintage pieces to my wardrobe.

1919626_10154685024635618_5265573623224326381_nThis 1940s gown fit like it was made for me. This is something I could see myself getting married in- it is just divine.

10671225_10154685060275618_8132644706657914068_nil_570xN.672708415_snry(get this dress here)

I love the colour of this gorgeous set ( jacket and dress). This dress felt so lovely on and would be a great addition to any gals wardrobe.

10606276_10154685043750618_6324600747658341722_nThe photos were taken by the owner herself, at an old building at the University of Alberta, which provided the perfect setting. This gal does it all herself- picking, cleaning, photography, uploading, packing, and shipping.

il_570xN.672463396_ka55( get this dress here)

10356395_10154685071280618_5732993429530797506_nil_570xN.672720973_5zjp( get this jacket here)

This skirt also fit like it was made for me… vintage cashmere, how fantastic! I have had a very hard time finding vintage items that fit me like they should. All of the pieces I modeled fit like a dream! I have a feeling I will be visiting Adeline’s Attic quite a bit, especially as Viva Las Vegas approaches ( a little birdie told me she has some 50’s and 60’s swimsuits to sell)

Head over to Adeline’s Attic on Etsy to shop some drool worthy vintage pieces. You can also find her on facebook where you can keep up to date on new items added to the shop, see photos from shoots, and hear any news.

A big thank you to Jill, from Adeline’s Attic for asking me to model her amazing vintage dresses and separates.


what’s in your makeup bag: Safauna-Hello June Photography

Today Safauna from Hello June Photography and Rowena, shares what makeup she loves and uses when getting all gussied up.

I am excited to share with you Safauna and her makeup kit, as she is the one who has been taking all the lovely photos of me lately. Safauna does a great a pinup look, is a total babe, and is one the most sarcastic gals I know ( and that’s why we all love her). She is an absolute top-notch photographer and has really helped me learn to pose and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Here is what Safauna had to say about her look

“I’m not big on wearing make-up everyday but when I do this is what I use. It’s pretty self explanatory and not over the top fancy (ie totally drug store make-up). I do always carry brush cleaner for my eyeliner brush, it makes a better line if done with a clean brush. And the setting powder was a fluke, I ran out of my Cover FX setting powder and decided to try using Lush dusting powder in its place (no one likes a shiny face!) and have preferred it over traditional setting powders I’ve used (and it smells oh so lovely!). The Estée Lauder pallet covers all my eyebrow, blush, and bronzer needs and if I decide to wear eyeshadow (which I typically don’t) it is satisfactory. Main thing is to get a good red lipstick; I prefer Besame after years of using 24 hour lipsticks that dried my lips out and just wasn’t nice. Besame is smooth, doesn’t dry out, and is easy to remove (so if you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world!). Easy peasy!”

photo 3Here is what is in Miss Safaunas makeup bag

Estée Lauder Pallet
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer Pro
Covergirl Clean Oil Control Foundation in Classic Ivory
Maybelline Mascara -Black
Maybelline Eyestudio Cream Eyeliner + brush
Estée Lauder gloss
Besame lipstick in American Beauty, Red Hot Red, and (not pictured) Red.
Quo Brush Shampoo
Cover FX setting powder container with Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder replacing original setting powder.

photo 4

Safauna is able to achieve a very classic look with minimal makeup and with out the big price tag of designer brands. Creating a pinup look does not have to cost a lot- work with what you have, the brands you’ve used, know, and trust, and practice the look ( this goes for the fashion, hair, and makeup).

photo 1Safauna plays up her features – her big eyes and luscious lips- with a great cat eye and a great red lip. I would have to agree with her that Beseme makes fabulous lipsticks that last through the day, are cruelty free, American made, and feel great on your lips.

What is your favorite lipstick?

Mighty Minty in Pinup Girls Dames Dress

I must admit I was wary of this dress when I first saw it… the light colour, the tight fit- I was certain it would be a disaster. But it wasnt! In fact, the Dames dress in mint is quite dreamy.

_DSC2367-EditThe Dames dress is made of Pinup Girls signature bengaline, so it hugs and molds to the body in all the best ways. This cut is so classic and oh so pinup…it is a blank canvas, making it an absolute staple. Add some killer heels and sparkly jewelry and off to the ball with you! Add a shrug and come cute ballerina flats and you’re ready for a day at the office or strolling around town.

_DSC2377-EditI sized up to a large in the Dames dress. My measurements, to compare, are 36-29-40. I might have been able to squeeze into a medium, but in this colour and cut, I don’t think that would be advisable.

I got this Dames dress at Rowena.  This dress can also be found on RetroGlam.com, along with the black and red one if you’d like something a bit more traditional. If you think you can’t pull the Dames dress off, you are wrong, just like I was. The moment I put it on, I knew  I had to have it. I do not own anything in this colour or anything this light even, so there was no question about it, it would be mine.


The colour of this dress makes me think of milkshakes, ponies, carnivals, and cotton candy. It is both sweet and sultry. And I think it suites my Flamingo tattoo quite nicely 😉

I am head over heels in love with the Dames dress!



A shoot with Jessica Loughlin Photography

I was lucky enough to have my Danger De Lux accessory line shot by Jessica Loughlin Photography this summer. Let me tell you, I had been waiting ages to get my stuff photographed and Jessica was willing and quite able to do the shoot for me. It was really some what of a blessing- the pictures turned out better than I could have imagined.

I decided a few months ago to re-brand my accessories line to make it a little more unique and edgy. I changed the name from Lolita Lemon to Danger De Lux ( like my blog), got new amazing business cards made, and got to work creating some pieces I am really proud of. I also decided I wanted to re-work vintage clutches into more rock n roll type pieces- thus the introduction of studs! I have put a few items up on my Etsy shop; check it out and stay tuned for more new items! In the mean time, you can stop by Rowena, and ask for Danger De Lux by name.

Jessica was amazing to work with. She was professional, but also personable. She made us feel comfortable, which created a fun and easy-going atmosphere. Both myself and my lovely friend who I asked to come along are not seasoned models, but we both felt at ease. Jessica gave great direction, feed back, and basically made me feel like a total bombshell.

Jessica has a great portfolio,full of diverse shots, which I highly recommend checking out. If you need a photographer for an event, portraits, high fashion,commercial or, well, pretty much anything, she is your gal! Jessica went to NAIT for photography and is always looking for a unique subject to shoot.

Please check out Jessica Loughlins website for more of her work and to contact her for future bookings. . If you would like to book Jessica Loughlin Photography, you can email Jessica at jessloughlin@gmail.com, to ask about availability and rates.Jessica also has facebook, where she posts updates about shoots she has recently done

All photos by Jessica Loughlin from Jessica Loughlin Photography and may not be used outside of this publication without permission from the owner.


Emmelie Aslin-retro & pin-up photographer

Lovely Swedish photographer, Emmelie Aslin, stopped  by Danger De Lux to answer a few questions!  If you’re not familiar with Miss Emmelie Aslin, it’s about time you know who she is. She takes some of the most gorgeous pin-up and vintage inspired photos I have seen. I feel honoured just to have her on my blog and have her share some photos with us, I could only imagine how amazing it would be to be shot by her!

Calamity Amelie by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

1 I’ve never been to Sweden, so I’m not  sosure what its like. Are there a lot of places to find good vintage clothing or housewares? What is the music scene like?

I live in Sundsvall which is in the middle of Sweden to the east coast and we do have some second-hand and vintage clothing stores. Although it’s not often that I find something of my taste here. I buy most of my vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy, there’s just too many goodies on there! There’s a lot of nice housewares here though, and often they’ll be cheaper here compared to in the South of Sweden where people tend to spend more.

I’d say the music scene is quite alright. I’m probably not the right person to ask because although I love music I’m not too involved. Me and my girls always dance and have a good time no matter what band is playing.

2. Are you a vintage lover yourself? Do you have favorite era?

I love the designs, the colors, and the playfulness about the 1940- 1950s clothing and accessories. I have a vintage wardrobe circling around that era and it’s getting pretty decent. Most vintage lovers would probably agree when I say my wardrobe will never be complete. No matter how many adorable little numbers I get to fill it with there’ll always be new pieces missing to the puzzle.

Miriam Parkman by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

3. What are some of your favorite bands? Are there some local Sweden bands you can share with the rest of us?

Some might think I’m only into old beats and rock & roll, and they’re partially right. My musical taste is quite broad and I love old music but I also love hiphop, Irish music and rock. I don’t have a lot of bands or musicians that I follow year after year. My spotify playlist will have one song with one band, two with another etc. I’ve loved Eminem since his first album though, and I also think that Dropkick Murphy’s have a lot of really great songs. When I was younger the Swedish punk rock band Millencolin was played over and over again on my CD player. I still know the lyrics by heart.

4. What type of photography do you do most? Why do you think that is? What is it that draws you to it?

I’m specialized in pin-up and vintage photography and although I photograph different things as well that’s where my heart is. My dad is partner in a company that sells old american car parts, and so we’ve always had a lot of cars in our family. I’ve gone to car shows, cruises, and swap meets for as long as I can remember. When I started photographing, the cars and the culture around them became a natural part of my photography.

Susan D, Frida Eriksson, and Rebecka Johansson by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

5. Your from Sweden. Do you travel often for shoots? How can someone from North America book a shoot with you?

I wouldn’t say I travel a lot but I am beginning to travel more and more. I went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas earlier this year to photograph some American pin-up models (and to go to VLV of course). Last year I went to the United Kingdom to photograph two ladies with old airplanes in May and in September I went to Finland and the X-treme car show. If someone far away wanted to book me for a shoot I’d say to try to catch me if we ever go to the same event or place! Or to come to Sweden, it’s quite lovely here.

6. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your photography?

To me, no matter what you do, if you go to work happy you’re in the right place. I’m very happy, and fortunate to be able to do what I love and create images for a living. It’s my number one passion and you’ll catch me dead before I’ll ever stop.

Micheline Pitt and Josh McKevitt by Photographer Emmelie Aslin
Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

Be sure to look up Emmelie Aslin on facebook and check out her amazing photos. You can also head to her website and have a peak at her blog, where she also posts photos from shoots, features in magazines, and events she has attended.

All Photos by:

Photographer Emmelie Aslin


Photographer Emmelie Aslin @ Facebook

All photos have been used with permision by the photographer. All photos are copy writed by the photographer and may not be used for anything outside of this post/publication without the photographers permission.