Laced Up Cabaret

Last Friday evening I attended Sweet Carousel Corsetry’s Laced Up Cabaret – an evening of decadent fashion and jaw dropping burlesque shows. I love any opportunity to get extra dolled up so as soon as I saw this event I knew I simply must go! Plus one of my besties was modeling!

1935544_10156540345220417_6571701509619404285_nThe acts of the evening were just spectacular. Special guest included Kira Von Sutra, Amber Ray, Raven Virginia, and Dangrrr Doll – my goodness these gals where fantastic. They way they moved, their costumes, and the acts themselves were beautiful!

Local talent were also present and included the likes of the stunning, Violette Coquette (one of my favorite – her costumes were so creative!), boylesque sensation Beau Creep, adorable and funny Cherry Monroe, Le Tabby Lexington who was cute as a button, and redheaded vixen Holly Von Sin.

I spent a lot of time figuring out what to wear….nothing was fitting me quite right and I really didn’t want to buy something new. I was beginning to worry….that is until I saw a fabulous vintage hat at Swish Vintage that I used for inspiration. From there everything fell into place.


I ended up wearing my Oblong Box Shop pink tiki circle skirt,  HellBunny crinoline, black Fables by Barrie Bustier, Laura Byrnes shrug, Chelsea Crew mary jane heels, a vintage purse, vintage brooch, and that gorgeous vintage hat from Swish Vintage. The hat really encouraged the whole outfit – I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found it!

20160513_201136It was a lovely evening as well…summer has arrived early in Edmonton. No jacket was required for the night so I was able to display my outfit in full force.

A closer look at my outfit and my stunning gal pal who is wearing the design her wore in the Sweet Carousal show. All of the pieces were to die for and if money grew on trees, I would have them all!

20160513_214741My date and I stopped for a snack before the show and of course I had to snap photos, because well, we just looked so darling eating hot dogs!

20160513_194256isnt my friend a knockout?

20160513_194225Thanks again to Swish Vintage for the delish hat! Be sure to head over to their facebook page and stop in the shop to find some treasures for yourself!

Plus keep an eye out on The Oblong Box shop – she has some very fun new designs coming out soon, along with the very pretty ones released last summer, like the one I am wearing


Pinup Couture: Make me Blush

Pinup Couture really hit it out of the park with this gorgeous blush halter swing dress. It oozes Hollywood glamor of the Monroe era. The fabric is so silky and luxurious; it hangs beautifully; it is smooth and velvety; it is perfection.

11009487_901327579887380_1447437912_o (2)I felt just like Marilyn Monroe when I put it on. In fact, I said, get me a heating grate to stand over! I want to be just like Marilyn!

This dress is a beautiful blush champagne colour – it is sweetly and gently pink. It has a huge skirt, which means there is tons of room for crinoline. I am only wearing one, but if this dress is worn by a bride or to a prom, it could easily fit a few crinolines. The bust line has plenty of pleats to accentuate the bust

11001085_901327566554048_1570387324_o (2)I was shocked when I saw the price tag of this beauty. It is only $138! This is an insane deal, considering the detail and weight of the piece and of course, it is made in the United States, which means it is a quality garment.

I fit a medium in the blush halter, I measure 37-30-41 and it was a perfect fit for me. This dress runs fairly true to size, so you should be fine to order your usual size. You can find this beauty at  and at Rowena.




I didn’t get many photos in it, so had to search the internet for a few more photos to share with you. If ever you wanted to feel like a vintage Hollywood starlet, this is the dress to do it!

*photos of Danger De Lux by Hello June Photography

Pinup Girl Clothing: New Blue Heidi

I am naturally drawn to dark colours… black, olive green, purple, burgundy…. But when I saw the new blue Heidi from Pinup Girl Clothing, something deep inside of me sqeeued with joy and told me I had to try it on. The colour is such a unqiue, striking blue… its not baby blue, its not royal blue, its not sky blue…it’s a fun, girly, whimsical blue…its a little warm, but bright. It’s a rich and creamy blue.

_DSC2341-EditThe Heidi is an amazing cut – it is figure flattering and the perfect swing dress. I hope by know we all own at least one. Shown here with a white crinoline to create a contrast with the colour of the dress; crinolines are the perfect accessory to any swing dress.

I love the way the new blue looks with my red hair and oh so slightly sun kissed and very freckled skin. A few of the girls at the shop have blonde hair and I can’t wait to see it on them too. I think this colour is going to look great on so many gals- the typical blue eyes and blonde hair, black hair and pale skin, redheads like me, rich brunettes, and those with fun pink, blue, and purple hair.

_DSC2347-EditThis Heidi, like every other Heidi I have or have tried on, is a medium. My measurements are 36-29-40. This fits perfect, no alterations needed! I know some ladies find the Heidi big in the shoulders, that’s an easy fix at the tailors. The Heidi hits be just below my knee and gives me a great feminine shape.

_DSC2348-EditThe Heidi rings in around $113 which is a great deal. Did you know Pinup Girl Clothing is actaully made in the U.S.A, which is a rarity in todays fast-fashion world. And if you take care of your clothes, they will last you through the years. I am a firm believer in buying quality goods and without a doubt Pinup Girl Clothing produces quality dresses, at very reasonable prices. The Heidi is a great addition to your pinup wardrobe and if you can only afford one or two dresses now and again, I would highly recommend making this one one of them.


I got this Heidi, along with all my others, from Rowena. This heidi, with all its friends can also be found on 

I’d hurry up and snag one of these blues ones quick though, as I don’t imagine they will linger around long. For real, the colour is amazing.


Pinup Girl Clothing- The Lydia

The new Lydia by Pinup Girl Clothing is to die for. The design and cut of this dress is amazing. I have not been so excited for a dress in quite some time. My co-workers and myself went gaga for the Lydia in the Burlesque print. None of us could wait to try it on and almost all of us bought one.

indexThe border features a curvacious burlesque dancer doing a little striptease The colour combination of pink, blue, and black are perfect and really pop.

pc-lydia-bur_fI do not own anything like the Lydia…not even close. This dress shines in my closet and I feel so pretty when I wear it. I am so lucky to work with a lovely photographer, who snapped a few photos of me and my Lydia.


Look at those colours!


I almost always wear a medium in Pinup Girl Clothing, but had to size up in the Lydia to a large. My measurements are: 36-29-40. The large fit me good and I feel good in it. A few of my co-workers had to size up as well, while a couple were able to fit in their usual size. If you’re unsure of fit, please ask and I’ll help you out!

You can get your very own Lydia at Rowena in Edmonton or online at

_DSC1100-Edit (2)

what i wore: betsey

I am a huge fan of animal print. Some days I will wear four different prints (my boyfriend will then tell me I can’t wear so many different prints at one time, but I disagree). Leopard is, of course, my favorite. So, you bet when I saw a glimmer of leopard print as I opened the box of a new pinup girl shipment, I got just a little excited ( I already new, without having to open the bag, which dress it was). The new Betsey swing dress by Pinup Girl is absolutely  darling!



The Betsey has a huge, full skirt, so it would be amazing with a crinoline ( or two). It also has adorable little heart shaped pockets on the front. It features faux buttons down the torso, adjustable straps, a thin black belt, and a back zipper, with some stretch along the top, in the form of elastic. I purchased a medium and it just fits- it is slightly snug along the top of the chest and underarms, but not so much that I would consider going a size up.


I didn’t accessorize this outfit too much. Just my favorite Fly London chunky kitten heels and a red flower in my hair. I had a few extra minutes to spare that morning so I did my hair extra nice, because I left my lovely new dress deserved fancy hair. I had never gotten so many compliments on my hair, as I did that day! Around these parts, you don’t see a whole heck of a lot of retro styled hair ( its more like, bleach blonde or black, crazy extensions, and big, bumpit/snookie hair- okay not everyone, but lots of girls!). Anyway, I was quite pleased with my self, so its needless to say, I had a great day- its amazing what a pretty dress and a good hair day can do!


This is by far my new favorite dress ( I know, I say that about everything). I of course got my Betsey at Rowena– they have a full size range in stock, so if you’re in town, I head there and snatch one up before they are all gone! will have them up shortly as well, just in case you don’t live in Edmonton

I hope you all have a swell day!!

what i wore: hellbunny flamingo swing skirt

Hey Kittens, Im back! Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have just been super busy. But I am hoping to be back to regular posting! This morning I had some time to get a few pictures of one of my new favorite skirts…the HellBunny Flamingo swing skirt. Like I have said before, I am in love with swing skirts this season. I am not one to wear much colour, but I loved this skirt so much, I don’t even care how bright it is!

flamingo skirt 004

flamingo skirt 010

I paired it with one of my many new crop tops ( this one I got from Garage Clothing, I wore it previously with my Bettie Page Swing Skirt) and my favorite wedges by Dolce Vita.

I bought mine at Rowena and I know they still have them in stock. I don’t see them on their website, but they have a ton of other HellBunny items and I know they do phone orders ( which are super easy by the way).

I got mine in a medium and it fits perfectly. The anchored HellBunny swing skirt I bought in a large, but it has a thicker waist band, so for the flamingo one, I recommend getting your regular size.

flamingo skirt 003

This is the perfect summer skirt! In case you didn’t figure it out, its covered in flamingos, hibiscus flowers, and palms. Its nice and breezy, so it will keep  you cool, but its also uber cute! I got quite a few compliments on it today!

*please excuse my messy bedroom; im working on redoing it!

Collectif Clothing

Collectif Clothing, which hails from London, provides rockin’ attire to rockabilly, psycobilly, and pin-up babes. Colletif Clothing has a wide range of vintage inspired attire, including swing dresses, pencil skirts, suits, gorgeous blouses, playsuits, and much more. The shapes and prints used are reminiscent of 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s clothing, with a little modern touch for todays gal. Collectif Clothing has a huge following. Whenever I find an item I just have to have, it’s already sold out! When they have a sale, you have act quick, as there are a ton of gals, worldwide, who are salivating over that same darn flamingo top as you ( and me!).

I have a few items from Collectif and find the quality to be top-notch. I intend on adding much more Collectif to my wardrobe in the future… if I could only decide what to get first!

Black and White Swing dress by Collectif, which I purchased from Rowena

The Wanda top by Collectif, which I got from the lovely Pin Up Persuasion via the PUG Swap/Sell facebook page

Make sure to check out the size chart before making your order. Because they are a UK company, their sizes are also in UK! I take a 10 or 12 in UK sizing, and a medium, or 8/10 in American. You can find Collectif in stores like Rowena ( or your local rockabilly shop), if you don’t want to take a chance shopping online.

Peacock print swing dress from Collectif, I purchased from Blame Betty in Calgary. This was at the Dead City Prom about a year ago, with one of my gal pals

Photo from a shoot I did a while back, with the same dress as above. My parasol is from Rowena too.

You can find Collectif Clothing on facebook, to keep up to date on new products, giveaways, and sales. Shop online at the Collectif Clothing website or stop by Rowena to see what they have in stock.