Last Friday night my bf and I went to see KISS. Neither of us are huge fans or even own any of their albums- we just wanted to go because we knew it would be tons of fun and the live show would be super rad ( which is was).

When I’m not dressed rockabilly or pin-up like, my style is a bit more rock n roll, so that is precisely how I dressed for this particular occasion, being a rock concert and all. I snapped a few photos of my outfit to share, so you could see how else I dress.

kiss 006

kiss 014

I wore a zebra print tunic dress from H & M, a white studded vest, fishnets, and my favorite doc marten biker boots, plus red lips, lots of eyeliner, and teased hair!

kiss 015

I was actually much more excited than I appear here- we were in a hurry to get out the door, so we had to be extra quick with the picture taking!

2013-07-12 19.30.25

We were so high up… like pretty much the highest up you could get

2013-07-12 21.35.10

See those tiny figures on the stage? Yup, that’s KISS.

kiss 4

There was tons of fire and fire works and fancy gimmicks! I loved their outfits too and The Starchilds dance moves- I have now fallen in love with Paul Stanley!

kiss 1

I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for days…



the beach boys

Last night I got to see The Beach Boys. When I was very little, probably, around five, I went to see The Beach Boys with my family- it was an outdoors concert and I vaguely remember it, but it is one of my earliest memories. I think I have always loved The Beach Boys and when I heard they were coming to town, I knew I had to go!

The performed at the River Cree Casino in a very intimate venue- I was so surprised when I walked in to find that it was much smaller than I had been expecting. Our seats were not super close, but no seat could have been considered a bad seat!

I decided the event called for a new dress and a little extra time getting dolled up! As soon as I saw the Sassy Tropical swing dress from Hell Bunny and I knew it was just the dress to wear to see The Beach Boys! I love to get dressed up when I got to events- I think it makes it even more fun, even though I kinda knew not many other people would be dressed up.

beach boys 003

I paired it with my Dolce Vita wedges, a white hibiscus hair flower from Hawaii, and a strange green cherry necklace I got at the China Town market in Vancouver a few years ago.

beach boys 006

The show was so good and I couldn’t stop dancing! I recognized all but maybe two songs of the dozens they played! They sounded so good despite being much older than the last time I saw them-in fact they sounded just as if they were still teenagers!

beach boys 024

beach boys 025

I had so much fun! I definitely recommend going to see them- it was a better show they I expected and I had a huge smile on my face the entire time!

I loved my outfit so much, I took a few more photos when I got home to share with you…

beach boys 030

beach boys 037

I got my Hell Bunny Sassy Tropical dress at Rowena and you can can get yours there too- they also have one in light blue if you don’t fancy black. And if you don’t live in town, you can check out to see what they have to offer.

In the mean time, check out my page on facebook for fun updates and twitter- @dangerdelux

I hope you all had a swell weekend!

Come Lately music video

Remember way back to August, I excitedly told you all about a wee music video I got to be in for local hillbilly rockers The Give Em Hell Boys?… Well, if you don’t remember just pretend you do… because the video has finally been released! The video is for the single Come Lately from their album Barn Burner, which can be procurred from itunes, CD baby, bandcamp, Rowena, and other fine establishments around town

Check out the video ( below) and keep your eyes peeled for a certain ginger kitten in the background.


Viva Las Vegas

I’ll be away from the blog again for a week… I am going to Las Vegas! For work and pleasure…and I can’t wait. I am going to a huge trade show to help pick out some new stock for the store. I am one lucky gal to get to go and hopefully I pick out some uber cute stuff that everyone will love. Don’t miss me too much!

row 003

Vegas, here I come!

Real Women

Can someone tell me what a “real woman” is? Im a little confused. I thought all woman were real, unless of course they are a fembot. I keep seeing this phrase every where. A store or company uses a girl with a curve or two and people applaud the use of a “real woman”. So, what were they using for models before? Vacuums? Broom Sticks? Someone tell me! I am constantly seeing this on facebook. A store is criticized for using “skinny” models and when they use one who is “not skinny”, well, thank the heavens, they are finally using a real woman!

Alternative stores and clothing companies, as far as I have seen, use a variety of body shapes and they are all always real ladies. I don’t get what the fuss is about when they use a gal with a few more curves. Can we all just stop focusing so much on the model and maybe turn that focus to what she is actually modelling… the whole point of the picture?

I’ve said this before… not are “bigger” girls are unhealthy and not all “skinny” girls are healthy. On the flip side of things, not all thin girls have eating disorders. In fact I know a gorgeous gal, who is ubber thin, who eats way too much junk food;she gets comments on her photos that she is too thin; people complain that the company always uses thin girls…yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ve got news for you… this thin girl, well she is a real women too, believe it or not! She walks and talks, she laughs and jokes around, she eats and drinks, and frowns occasionally when she looks in the mirror too.

And those comments you make on their pictures, whether it be that she is too skinny or why don’t you use real women, or finally a big girl like me, or wow, it’s a real women for once… they aren’t nice comments. Imagine, if that were you reading those comments. Being told you are too skinny to be a real women, or being told you are a big girl, even though you thought yourself fit and average.

So give it up already. Keep your rude or ill fitting or snarky or sarcastic remarks to yourself. Why not just say that the model is pretty, or the outfit looks great on her, or something along those lines, instead of a direct remark on her body size.

So, again, if anyone can explain to me this concept of real women, please do. And what makes one women more real then the next? And if thin girls, aren’t real, what are they?

PinUpGirl(s) & Rowena’s new Heidi

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I work at a Rockabilly/Alternative boutique, in the city I live in. It’s the place where I get all my lovely Pin Up Girl dresses and other rockabilly pieces I show off here for you! Rowena has been my favorite shop for quite some time and it should be yours too!

I’m sure you all know Rowena had an exlusive Heidi- the red floral everyone went gaga for ( read about it here)! They have another exclusive Heidi in and it is gorgeous! This exclusive Heidi is white with large black polka dots, black trim, and a black belt. Yummy! I have had the pleasure to see it on quite a few ladies and it looks amazing on- so crisp and clean! I’ve seen it on many body types too and as always, this Heidi is oh so flattering.

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

I’d snatch this baby up right away if I were you… you know how girls are when they see something new and shinny… you don’t want to be left out without an exlcusive Heidi of your own! You can this Heidi ( and others, including the red floral) at or in store at Rowena. And if you’re afraid of white, well don’t be! This Heidi is made a nice, sturdy ( ie not see through) fabric, so your knickers won’t be showing! Just make sure you don’t eat BBQ or spaghetti when wearing this frock, and you will be alright!

Pin Up Girl Clothing also posted about the exclusive Heidi and Rowena on their blog which I suggest you go check out too! Pin Up Girl also asked for a few shots of Rowena and the fabulous gals who work there…

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

This of course, is myself, and my lovely co-worker, who is wearing the new exlusive and very soon to be coveted Heidi.

Edmonton Photographer, Blackbird Photography at Rowena Edmonton

If you live in town and have yet to stop into Rowena, I suggest you get your cute butt in here! Your heart will literally skip a beat when you see the selection of dresses available for you. Rowena is also the only place in town that has Pin Up Girl Clothing too, so if thats what you’re looking for, now you know just where to find it.

Make sure you check out Rowena’s facebook page and to get your very own exclusive PUG Heidi

maui recap

This post is going to be mostly photos… the final ones from my trip that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy…

First, a Polynesian Luau…

hawaii 152

hawaii 154

hawaii 165

Chillin at the beach, sipping on milkshakes & cocktails, and having fun…

hawaii 093

hawaii 369

hawaii 185

hawaii 378

hawaii 380

hawaii 318

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my holiday! I have just one more post about Maui for you, then its back to fashion, antiques, makeup, and rockabilly lifestyle!!