A Very YEG Christmas: Danger De Lux Gift Guide – Rowena

I love shopping at and supporting independent business. And there is no other small business I love more than Rowena. Of course I have a sweet sport for them after working there for 3 years, but they also just have great products! They carry fabulous reproduction frocks, cozy sweaters and cardigans, fun housewares and unique jewelry. There is something for (almost) everyone at Rowena. Weather they are into cos-play, the 1950s, Star Wars, Disney, the occult, nerd wear, tiki life, or swing dancing, Rowena has it all.

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My top gift picks from Rowena are…

These adorable Disney princess necklaces – Alice, Snow White, and Aurora. These cameo style necklace make for a great gift exchange, your best friend, or your sister. Every gal loves a Disney princess! And they are only $33!

20151210_194625 (2)Cupcakes are my favorite…like to eat. So why wouldn’t I want to carry a cupcake purse! Or wear cupcake shoes! Lets be real here…I want all the cupcakes! These purses is darling and the shoes even more so! What a great and complete gift to give! Rowena has a handful of novelty purses aside from this cupcake, which include a donut, hotdog, watermelon, and an ice cream cone! At $63 and $69 you have got yourself one ‘sweet’ deal ( wink wink nudge nudge)

20151210_200415 (2)Kill Star makes amazing, gaudy, occult jewelry and you bet Rowena has it all for you! These earrings are on the more subtle of the dark side and all just beautiful. Plus is the gift receiver wears tunnels, they can still wear these hoops! To see the whole collection, which includes crescent moons, crystal balls, pentagrams, and more stop in to Rowena. And they are all reasonably priced!

20151210_194718 (2)How cute are these sugar skull animal pillows?!! Squee! These pillows are fun, bright, and just too adorable. I can see a whole slew of people enjoying these lil guys! And they are only $18 each, so grab the whole set, put them in a big bag with pretty tissue paper and call it a day!

20151210_194943 (2)

Or if you feel like going all out, pick up this sugar skull black cat! How fantastic would this kitty be perched on a shelf in the living room? Proww! Don’t wait though, as these guys are limited!

20151210_194840 (2)Help fuel nostalgia for the 1980s with this Care Bare Cardigan. It is just the cutest! And it is so comfy and snugly! Any gal would love to unwrap this delight on Christmas day!! There are plenty other styles in store too…and not all are as sweet this slice of cake!

20151210_202454 (2)Who doesn’t love the Nightmare Before Christmas?! This cross body sugar skull Jack Skelington is the perfect Christmas gift, don’t you think! Rowena always has the best bags!! So if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are tons of others to choose from!

20151210_202139 (2)

Now a few things for the fells…. layrite is always a good choice! It is cruelty free and made in America -bonus! Plus it won’t break the bank!

20151210_203512 (2)Get your Star Wars fix with all of the Star Wars goodies you could ever want…this is just a small sampling of what Rowena has! Personally, I don’t get it, but I do know a ton of people are going gaga for Star Wars

20151210_200624 (2)

Skeletor is a new brand to Rowena and it is locally designed and printed, which makes it even better!! This is one of the newest designs…and I love me good hamburger references! There are other designs available, as well as t shirts, jackets, and hats! Feel good buying this product knowing you are supporting two local business!

20151210_200826 (2)

Be sure to stop in to Rowena on whyte ave OR shop online at RetroGlam.com incase you don’t live in town!!

Keep an eye out for more gift guides coming next week!


A Very YEG Christmas: Danger De Lux Gift Guide – Swish Vintage

I am a huge fan of shopping local and independent. 90% of my wardrobe is from  local shops like Rowena or 2nd hand stores like Decadence. I especially  love to buy gifts from local shops and small businesses like The Wish List and The Junque Cellar. At a time like this, when we are all buying  gifts, big or small, a lot or a few, why not buy from an independent shop  instead of a huge corporation?

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My YEG Gift  Guide  will help you  find the best local shops and gifts for everyone on your list! I want to start at Swish Vintage  as it is where I plan to get quite a few gifts for a lot of different  people…my secret Santa gift exchange, my good friends, my pen pals,  and  maybe something for myself ; )

Swish  is highly affordable and unique.The prices at Swish start at $5 and go up from there ( to a over a grand  depending on the exquisite item). I was able to get a handful of gifts for under $160; plus you will find many things on sale.

Here are my top gift picks from  Swish Vintage

These adorable green or yellow glasses/mini mugs. They come in a set of four and are just too cute. These little glasses would be perfect for new home owner, 60s lover, or tea lover! Plus they are only $35 for each set of 4.

20151208_125022 (2)This fun straw handbag is in absolute mint condition and would brighten up the dreariest of days. A perfect gift for the fashion lover in your life or the one who thinks outside of the box. At only $48 this handbag is a steal and makes a cheerful gift.

20151208_150232 (2)Pill boxes have gone out of fashion and Im not sure why. When ever I take an advil out of my pill box, I feel oddly sophisticated! Swish has a handful of very sweet and classy pill boxes, which make for a very elegant and unique gift for almost anyone. These gorgeous pill boxes are only $24, which means if you are on a budget, have to buy for a gift exchange, or just need a little something, Swish has you covered.

20151208_150057 (2)

Swish also has an assortment of fun trinkets and household decor items. A recent addition, is this amazing poodle mail holder from the 1950s. It Made in Japan, which is even more lovely, as many of the good glass, porcelain, etc, pieces where made in Japan in the 50s. This darling piece would be perfect for writers, girly girls, collectors, and vintage lovers. This little poodle is only $35.

20151208_125414 (2)Every vintage loving gal swoons over good luggage! This travel hat case is divine and in perfect condition. This would look beautiful under the Christmas Tree! This would be perfect for an avid traveler, vintage lover, or glamour girl. This piece is only $75, which would make for a spectacular gift!

20151208_125149 (3)These amber bracelets are one of my favorite things in Swish. They are in immaculate condition and would be dazzling as a pair on ones wrist. Any gals would love to receive one of this beautiful bracelets…a fiancee, a mother, a best friend. These are $140 each and oh so worth every penny.

20151208_125536My jaw dropped when I saw this hair late 1800’s hair comb. It is simply stunning and would be perfect for both a fashion and antique lover. The velvet and cameo choker is a lovely addition to the shop, and you know the 90s are back in fashion, so chokers are cool again! The haircomb is $98, while the chocker is a mere $35


Swish is known for getting in name brand pieces and when they come in, they don’t last very long on the shelves! This fabulous Louis Vuitton bag is an example of the kind of fab pieces she gets in. For the label lover or those who really love quality, this green LV bag is just the gift! This lovely is marked at a very reasonable $550

20151208_150341 (2)And for the men in your life….Swish has plenty of cufflinks, tie bars, and tie pins. There are a handful of matching sets and many, many beautiful cufflinks, which I think men should get back in to wearing!

20151208_141118 (2)

20151208_140858 (2)Visit Swish Tuesday through Saturday at 10180 101 street in Manulife Place ( enter from 102 street though). And follow Swish on facebook to see al the fun new goodies!


gift guide- misc.

This will be the last gift guide for the year. I hope you got some good ideas from them and now have almost all your shopping done! I have a few more things I wanted to share with you- just the loose ends, miscellaneous items that I love and that you or someone you know might love too!

1. A gift box from Lush. I don’t know anyone who does not love Lush! They have some amazing gift boxes this year,for every budget!


2. Hello Kitty by Loungefly. Get it online or at Rowena


19593.A pair of wicked heels, like these by Too Fast. Now available at Rowena


4. Adult pajama onsies…Get your at Rowena. These things are bad to the bone, guys and gals, and I think we all could use one!


5.Perfume! Yes please! What gal doesn’t want a nice bottle of oh so pretty perfume?! I just received the new Balenciaga perfume and it is delectable


I hope you all have a lovely holiday!  I have special plans for the next few weeks,which I will sure with you, if you are patient! Ill be back with a few more posts this week and then will be MIA for about a week and a half

gift guide- the pin-up

Christmas is just around the corner- can you believe it? I have some very exciting plans this year and cannot wait. Before you are all shopped out, here is another gift guide- for the pin-up girl

1. Lingerie from What Katie Did. This stuff is gorgeous and any gal who love to get some in her stocking!

2. Besame Cosmetics. These cosmetics have a luxurious, vintage feel, and come in all the coveted vintage colours. You can get it online or at Rowena.

3. A frock from Pinup Girl Clothing. Every pin-up gal loves a new dress, especially one from Pinup Girl Clothing. Check them out online, at Rowena, and at RetroGlam

4. A Trophy Queen handbag or wallet. Trophy Queen makes absolutely gorgeous retro, automobile inspired handbag, that are to die for. Every gal would squeal with extreme delight to open up one of these on christmas. Get yours online or at Rowena



5. Jewelry from Sweet Romance. This jewelry is dazzling and mesmerizing and perfect for a pin-up girl. Get it online or at Rowena




gift guide- vintage enthusiaist

I’m back with another gift guide! This time for the vintage lover. I love vintage- vintage cars, vintage furniture, vintage makeup & hair, vintage clothes… you get the point. So here are a few ideas for the vintage enthusiast in your life!

1. Vintage Jewelry. This can easily be found online or Antique Malls. If you live somewhere awesome, maybe in a second hand store. I have found some amazing, true vintage pieces in smaller 2nd hand stores, which usually get over looked.

2.Vinatge Makeup or Hairstyling Book. You can get these at any book store, online, or at Rowena


3. Some vintage decor or home wares… like wall art, vintage glasses, kitchen tins, sunburst clock, etc. These can all be found with a little luck at a 2nd hand store or a lot of luck at an Antique Mall



4. A vintage purse. Again, these can be found at antique malls, 2nd hand stores, or even Etsy


5. Artwork featuring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Classic Cars, or Pinup girls

Tyson McAdoo

Tyson McAdoo


Antique Malls, second hand stores, and alternative boutiques are the places you will want to go to find something for a vintage lover. Etsy is also a great place to look, but make sure to get your orders in fast! There will be more gift guides next week!

gift guide- for the little monsters

I hope you are all enjoying these gift guides and hopefully getting some ideas! Todays gift guide is all about the wee ones!

1. Moustache Soother. Have you seen this yet? It is adorbale!! You can get yours at Rowena, but Id hurry if I were you, there arn’t many left.


2. Anything from Sourpuss. They  have the cutest baby clothes!


3. Where the Wild Things are- a classic every kid should have. Get your at any book store!


4.Monster High Dolls- I wish these were around when I was a kid. You can get these anywhere that sells toys ( walmart, toys r us, etc.)



5.Skelanimals! From Skelanimals.com

KIT_PINK_medium skelanimal_deluxe_series3_bill_medium

Get your kids ( or the kids in your life) some rad, alternative gifts this year! More gift guides will be coming your way, so stay tuned

gift guide- the rockabilly guy

It seems only fitting to do the rockabilly guy, as I did the rockabilly gal. It seems as though guys are either really easy to shop for or really hard to shop for. Hopefully I can give you some ideas for your guy, which ever one he may be.

1. The Switchblade Comb, to make sure their pompadore is just right. Get one at Rowena ( coming soon) or online

switchblade-comb2. Rock Steady Bowling Shirt from RetroGlam.com

3.A band t-shirt like this one from Sourpuss Clothing

4.A killer flask or cigarette case from Retro-A-Go-Go. Get it online or at Rowena

5. Sailor Jerry Cufflinks from Etsy

6. A Lucky 13 Jacket. Get one online or in store at Rowena

7. Something Rat Fink! Check out the official website for a ton of Rat Fink















I hope this helps you out when your figuring out what to get your fella (or brother, or best friend, etc). Don’t stray too far, there will be more gift guides coming soon!