Danger De Lux Re-Decorates

I live in a city that has really high rental rates, even in bad parts of the city. I totally lucked out 6 years ago and got a good apartment in one of the the best parts of town for a really good price. This apartment has seen me through a university degree, a personal training diploma, a horrible breakup, girl parties, good times, bad times, living alone, with others, a puppy and a kitty. I have a love-hate relationship with this apartment. Its too small, its old, and has some problems. That being said, I have no plans to move. So what is one to do? De-decorate!

Over the years my apartment has seen many transformations and now it is all finally coming together in a style I truly love. As I finish some other rooms, I will share them too! Today though, I am simply sharing a wall. A wall, which makes me happy every time I look at it now. A wall which has changed the whole mood of the apartment and has set the stage for things to come.

I also wanted to share this particular wall to let you know how affordable it was to re-decorate. All the pieces on the wall were thrifted and the paint cost $15, which makes me even prouder of my little wall.

mint wall 016While most of my apartment is outfitted in mid-century modern style, this wall has a very 1950s feminine style to it, which reflects one side of my personality and taste. Opposite of this wall is another, bigger wall which is covered in photos of Bettie Page, pinup girls, vintage ads, chalkware fish, etc. Having a sweet and simple wall contrast with a very busy wall, in a way that meshes pleases me.

Here is a break down of the cost to do this wall:

I found the beautiful gold mirror at a garage sale for $10!! You really just got to keep looking and you will find great pieces like this.

mint wall 012

The three crotchet pictures cost $11 all together. I found them at goodwill – it looked like someone had just cleared a bunch out because there were quite a few of them. I go to my local thrift stores quite often, which is what you need to do in order to find gems!

mint wall 007mint wall 008




mint wall 009




mint wall 010









The two golden floral hangings I found at Value Village. I looked them up and they are from the 60’s – a total score. They cost me $6.

mint wall 011

mint wall 022

I got a one liter can of mint paint from the hardware store for $15

So in total, this project cost me: $42

I also purchased the phone/chair stand pictured a while back for probably $8-10 and reupholstered it with the leopard fabric, which I got at the bargain section of the fabric store.

mint wall 014 mint wall 015

If you look hard enough and give yourself the time to hunt and be patient until you find the right pieces, you do not need to spend a ton to decorate.

My bedroom, because it is a much bigger space cost more, but still an appropriate amount relative to its size. I’m hoping to finish it up soon to share with you all as well.

What do you guys think?! I am so pleased with myself 😉

mint wall 017


Rowena & The Junque Cellar

The other weekend I got to take part in a fabulous corroboration between Rowena and another local business, The Junque Cellar. The Junque Cellar has been around since I can remember and houses beautiful antique treasures! They are the only shop right on Whyte Ave that sells vintage furniture and housewares. On my walk home from work I often stop in and drool after all the beautiful pieces – they always have the best vintage couch sets! It’s a wonder why Rowena and The Junque Cellar didn’t collaborate sooner!


The shoot we did had more of a 60’s feel to it show casing some gorgeous Heart of Haute dresses and the always appropriate and timeless Erin from Pinup Girl Clothing! This shoot was extra cute because it involved a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead! The other two models are just adorable gals, who looked amazing in their dresses… like they were made for them!


Heart of Haute is easily becoming one of my favorite brands. The cuts are so flattering on so many body types and the patterns are always beautiful. They are also simple cotton dresses, so they are comfortable to wear and are so easy to dress up or wear casually.

The Monique is a very simple, a line dress, but it is a lovely fit and I am absolutely giddy over the harlequin print it just came in, in both pink and blue!


_DSC4446eget the new harlequin print here

Heart of Haute also did the Beverly in black, which I am over the moon about. Finally, a simple, black swing dress! I imagine myself wearing it all the time – you do not know how  often I search through my closet for a simple black swing dress, always to be reminded that I do not have one! Kristen is wearing it below and doesn’t it just look amazing on her?


get the black honeycomb Beverly here

Heart of Haute is known for its classic 50’s & 60s silhouettes and patterns, which are very wearable. Everything they make is in cotton and made in the USA, which means they are built to last.

_DSC4473eget the Veronica here and its on sale!


get the Doreen here

The amazing Hello June Photography was pumped to get to shoot at The Junque Cellar, where we were able to use the pieces they have for sale as props, to give this shot a great 60’s feel.

You can get all of the dresses seen above at Rowena in Edmonton or at RetroGlam.com.

I’ve had a look at the the new spring collection from Heart of Haute and there are some great patterns coming! Florals are back again, but there are some great 60’s cuts and tropical prints too. This upcoming spring/summer season seems to be promisising for a lot of the brands Rowena carries – looks like Im going to have to get a 2nd job 😉

Dont forget to follow Hello June Photography to take advantage of contests she runs or find out how to book a session.

And follow The Junque Cellar too, especially if you are like me and like to be teased by amazing vintage house wares!

antique shopping in las vegas

Vegas is much more than bright lights, dance clubs and cirque de soleil, it also has amazing antique shopping! We spent all Sunday afternoon drooling over gorgeous antiques that just were way too big or delicate to put in our suitcases.

We started out hunt at the Charelston Antique Mall, which is truly the best Antique shop I have been to. We spent at least an hour in there looking for treasures to bring home. I snapped some photos of the amazing antiques so you could get an idea of just how great of a place it is.

vegas aug 2013 007vegas aug 2013 011

vegas aug 2013 004vegas aug 2013 006

vegas aug 2013 008

vegas aug 2013 013

We then headed down to Antique Alley, and even though most of the stores were closed ( as they are on Sundays and Mondays), we still found a handful that were open.

Retro Vegas was just stunning- the antiques in there were to die for and all we could do was look; they were big and expensive.

vegas aug 2013 017

vegas aug 2013 025

Isn’t this kitchen to die for!!

vegas aug 2013 029

2013-08-18 14.36.14

2013-08-18 14.37.40

2013-08-18 14.36.46

The furniture at Retro Vegas was stunning- it was a retro lovers paradise!

We then made our way down the rest of the street and popped into which ever antique shops were open and found a few things to take home. Our final stop was Sin City Pickers, which had a flea market feel to it, but was still quite good. I found a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg blouse for $15.

vegas aug 2013 032

If you are an antique lover like me, make sure to hit up Charleston Antique Mall and Antique Alley next time you are in Vegas- its something super fun to do off the strip and it will  literally take you the whole day, so get an early start!

My retro finds: vintage glassware

I’m sure you learned from my last post how much I love the 1950’s and 1960’s. I love trifltng for home decor and kitchen ware. Everyti me I go to a second-hand store, garage sale, or antique mall, I am on the look out for good retro housewares. So, you can imagine that I have quite a collection by now. I love showing my friends my new finds when ever they come over, so I figured I would you as well.

Today has also been one of the hottest days this summer, so I am also going to share my favorite cocktail recipe!

Like I said, I love retro kitchen ware and have a weakness for good vintage glassware.

I found this blue set at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. It is a set of 8, vertically striped glasses, which sit in a gold carrier, with a wooden handle

These glasses were a good find at $18. I usually see sets of 6, so at 8, it was a great deal.

My all time favorite cocktail is a Long Island Ice Tea. It’s a perfect hot weather kinda drink. Here is a recipe for you kittens to cool down with.

What you need:

1 part vodka,1 part tequila,1 part rum,1 part gin,1 part triple sec,1.5 parts sweet and sour mix, and a splash of coke. Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice, give a quick shake, and pour into a tall glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

This pink and blue set was an amazing find. They are in perfect condition and so retro! They have a pink and blue triangle design, with gold rims.

I found this set at Value Village, of all places, for $7. This is one of favorite thrifted finds and I usually reserve their use for ladies night.

So, what do you think? Do you have any retro glassware? Keep tuned for more posts on my various vintage finds.