What’s in your makeup bag: Sheri Bomb

When I first got into blogging, I came across the blog Sheri Bomb– instantly I loved this girl. I loved her blog- the look, the content- and wanted my blog to be just as good as hers ( i don’t know if it is yet, but I’m trying 😉 ). Sheri is a rockabilly bombshell, who lives in Australia ( so jealous).  I have yet to go to Australia and dream oh so bad of going. From the blogs I follow, I believe it is safe to say they have a pretty rockin scene down there. While Edmonton has great shopping for rockabilly and pinup clothing, the scene leaves much to be imagined… it is fairly small. While I’ve noticed other cities have a big scene, who are into not only reproduction clothing, but true vintage, swing dancing, music, cars, furniture, and lifestyle, there are just a few of us here who have a true love for it all. Anyway, let me get back to the reason for this post… Sheri Bomb is sharing with us what is in her makeup bag!


I asked Sheri if she wanted to be a part of this series, because she just a fun, down to earth kinda gal. She has a very clean look- not everyone wants to use a ton of makeup and not every one needs to, and you do not need to use a lot of makeup to get a pinup look either.

Sheri-137-Edit-Edit( Photo by Megan Rizzo Photography)

Sheri is a writer, so she had a lot to say about her look. Here it is:


For my everyday look, I like to look polished and put together but I also like to be out the door fairly quickly in the morning, but would rather stay in bed than spend too long on my makeup. I try to keep things fairly simple while still proudly rocking my rockabilly look. I make things easy for myself with a BB cream, brow kit and light sweep of blush before spending a bit of time on my winged eyeliner. When it comes to my night time look, I still like to keep things fairly classic and understated (most of the time). I like my makeup to look as natural as possible so apart from a great foundation, slightly bolder cheek colour and some sparkly eye shadow everything is fairly similar, except a more ‘enhanced’ version. I also spend a bit more time and effort on achieving a more dramatic look with my lashes (I rarely wear false lashes) and of course, a good red lipstick to pack a punch.




Day Look:

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream in Fair

This is a recent addition to my make up bag. I’ve always been a big fan of BB creams for my everyday look as I like the easy coverage and application they provide and the natural looking result, not to mention the benefits for my skin. I used to only use the Garnier Oil-Free BB Cream in Light but I picked up this new Benefit product while I was in the US recently and have been loving it! It really ‘sticks’ to your skin. Although the Garnier product is much cheaper and given I use it everyday, I’ll probably end up going back to this product when the Benefit runs out.

Benefit Brow Zings in Dark

This is the second Brow Zings shade I’ve bought – I also used to have the Medium shade when my hair was a different colour. I swear by this product, it is the best make up for brows I’ve ever used. It’s really easy to apply and the teeny little brushes make it easy to get the perfect shape. I like that the first layer of tinted wax you apply keeps your brows in shape while the finishing layer of powder helps to fill them in and acts as a sealer, preventing smudging.

Classics Eyeliner Pencil in Black

I don’t always use this, but I always like to have it in my make up bag as it’s handy for lining the inner rim of my eyes, particularly up the top if I’m after a more dramatic look. It really helps to fill in the look of your lashes when they need a bit of a help. A simple must have product in any make up bag.

Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara in Extreme Black

A favorite mascara of mine for a long time, I’m a big fan of Rimmel cosmetics in general as they are a great alternative for gals on a budget and for all the makeup basics. This mascara goes on easy with no clumps and offers a great result with only one or two applications. It also goes well with up to four applications if you’re looking for a dramatic result. I usually go two applications during the day and four applications for night time. It’s also great on sensitive eyes, which I have, so no irritation and especially no watering and smudging. Winner!

Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black

Another product I picked up in the US, I’ve always preferred felt tip liners as I don’t have a particularly steady hand and I feel that they offer me more control. This Stila liner is easy to use, glides on like a dream and doesn’t budge without some serious rubbing. Easy to touch up if you make a mistake, the liner has staying power that lasts all day. Love it!

Benefit Cheek Powder in Rockateur

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a big fan of Benefit cosmetics. Aside from their cute packaging, I’ve always found their products to deliver on their promises and they seem to work really well for my skin. This powder blush looks fairly shimmery in the box but offers very subtle illumination when you actually apply it. It has a lovely pinky peachy hue to it that looks fairly natural, however can be built up for a darker shade that contours the cheek for maximum impact. During the day I use a light sweep across my cheeks but come the night time I tend to amp it up a bit more.

Benefit Tinted Lip Balm in Benebalm

Created with their famous Benetint (which was originally created as a nipple stain for a burlesque dancer in the 70s) this tinted lip balm hydrates your lips without stickyness or too much shine – two of my pet hates. The subtle red rosey hue brings your lips to life without making you look too made up. It also has the same pleasant sweet rosey scent that the Benetint has.

Night Look:

When it comes to my night time look, it’s fairly similar to my daytime look but with a little extra to make things more dramatic.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Ivory

I love love LOVE this foundation! It’s the best one I’ve found so far. It provides flawless coverage and brightens your complexion. Another product that really ‘sticks’ to your face, it doesn’t set to a matte finish, but that can quickly be rectified with a light dusting of powder.

Besame Violet Brightening Powder

The perfect way to set your make up and brighten your complexion, this very subtle tinted violet powder gives a smooth matte finish to your skin and is small enough to pop into your handbag to take with you, meaning you’ll never look oily or shiny while out and about. It’s amazing what a difference a light dusting of this stuff makes, although keep in mind it’s more suited to pale skin tones.

Sephora Collection Moonshadow Baked Palette in Nude

A beautiful palette of 10 neutral eye shadows with a charming shimmery finish. Light and dark shades are well balanced in this palette which provides everything you need for a classic light shimmery eye or a more daring smokey eye. Coverage is good, the powder is soft (without breaking apart in the palette) and the shades are easy to build up and/or blend with each other. This always comes in handy for creating a striking look on my eyes, regardless of how bold I want to be.

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Must Be Red!

This lipstick is my absolute favorite! I have a few different brands and shades that I wear from time to time but this is the one that I always love coming back to time and time again. It goes on smoothly, has serious staying power, doesn’t bleed or feather, doesn’t dry out your lips and best of all, it’s the most perfect pin up shade of red. Reds can be hard to perfect and everyone is different but this shade works fantastically with my skintone. Mwah!

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Thanks Sheri for sharing your makeup bag with us!!


Sheri Bomb feat. Danger De Lux

Hey Cats and Kittens, one of my favorite bloggers and sassy Aussie has featured Danger De Lux on her blog today! I can’t believe all the nice things she had to say! I would love for you to check it out and feel free to follow her along as well!Oh and while you at it, check out my Etsy shop and get some hair fascinations for your own sassy self


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Guest Kitten: Sheri Bomb

I have a very special treat for you today! Sheri, from one of my favorite blogs, Sheri Bomb, is here to guest post about Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture in Australia, where she lives! I have been following Sheri’s blog for some time and she never disappoints. Whether she’s blogging about fashion, bands, events, or makeup, I always love reading what she has to say. If you have yet to check out Sheri Bomb’s blog, I highly suggest you do.

Well, without further ado, the lovely Sheri Bomb…

The rockabilly scene in Australia has been steadily growing for the last 10 years and having been closely involved for the last six years, it’s been a pleasure to watch it go from a few events a year to multiple gigs in a weekend! Rockabilly is going strong across all parts of the country and my hometown of Brisbane in Queensland is really helping to lead the way with a number of large weekenders, festivals and events each year.

Rockabilly for us isn’t just about the music, it’s really inclusive of all aspects of Kustom Kulture and we are lucky to have built up a really friendly and supportive community. Everyone gets behind gigs and events, supports their local bands and venues and loves bringing out their rides for a run. Our ‘crew’ is quite a big one, with so many people being regulars at the events that everyone knows your name and you spend the whole time saying hello to everyone and catching up.

My own personal style also incorporates pretty much all aspects of Kustom Kulture and how I choose to dress on any given day really just depends on my mood. I take inspiration from true vintage, retro repro fashion, western wear, garage wear, the ‘trailer trash’ look and even psychobilly. I love all the aspects of each of these styles and really love blending them through my wardrobe, I’m definitely a bit of old and a bit of new. And that suits me just fine as that’s how I see myself – a mix of modern tattooed woman and vintage vixen embracing the manners and morals of the good old days.

Where I like to shop and what I like to buy, well don’t get me started because we’ll be here all day! There is just too much to list anywhere really but I did try to nail it down to a select few on a recent fashion post I did. All of what I mention there are repro fashion but I have also written quite a bit on my love of vintage too so have a little wander through the pages and see what you discover –a bit like rummaging through an old vintage suitcase, you just never know what you’ll find!

I love getting dressed up though and I don’t really mind where I’m going. Whatever you do in life, it’s always more fun when you’re feeling glamorous. But getting dressed up to go out on the town is the best, I love the anticipation of knowing I’m going to be having fun with my friends and seeing some great music being played. I’m always eager to see what wonderful things everyone else is wearing and I just LOVE to put on some music and sip on a drink as I flounce about the house in various stages of undress, dress, hair and make up.

I am often over-ambitious when it comes to hairstyles I want to attempt and I generally under estimate the time I’ll need to get ready which can sometimes result in some frenzied last minute grooming but I always leave the house feeling fabulous and ready to enjoy my night surrounded by some of the most amazing friends a gal could ask for!

As you may be able to tell, I’m very passionate about the rockabilly and kustom kulture lifestyle I lead, which is why I created my blog, Sheri Bomb. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the rockabilly thunder down under as much as I enjoyed telling you about it. A big thank you to Natasha for being kind enough to offer me some space on her wonderful blog, I’m a very lucky girl indeed!

Ta ta for now xx

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