style icon: dolly parton

I haven’t done a style icon post in some time, and figured I would get on that! Well, Kittens, here she is, every gals style icon ( and don’t you deny it)…Dolly Parton


A true rockabilly gal loves big hair, tight dresses, and sparkle. Dolly rocks it all!


style icon: peg bundy

Can we all just take a minute to admit how great Peg Bundy was? She was a sexy, sassy, Ginger with wicked style. Any good rockabilly or punk gal, has a little leopard ( or a lot) in their wardrobe. Peg Bundy rocked animal print like nobodys business. She was a 90’s pin-up goddess- big, firey, red hair, animal print, tight pants, and high heels every day. Me-ow.

You can all see that Peg was a rockabilly babe, right?

Not only did she have wicked style, she also was a sassy sex kitten. I don’t know how this babe ended up with a dead beat like Al, who for some reason never wanted to get it on with this redheaded bombshell! What was up with that?

I must admit, as a fellow ginger, I have also felt a little connection to Peg; Not to mention my extreme love of animal print and chocolate! In fact, I think we should all put a little Peg into out lives, with a lil leopard print and extra hairspray.

Style Icon: Kat Von D

Its been a few weeks since I posted my last style icon. Well, her she is, in all her glory: Kat Von D. I’m sure we can all agree that Kat has killer style and is always looking foxy, right? Weather or not you like her personality, surely you still like her style! Feast your eyes on some sexy Kat Von D…

Like most of my style icons, Kat is not only stylish and gorgeous, she is also successful.  Not only is she an outstanding tattoo artists, she has created a wicked cosmetics line, a clothing line, and has become a style icon and role model to millions.

A while back I posted about my make-up essentials; if you read it, you would know how much I love the Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes ( you should definitely check them out if you havent yet). She is one of those gals that shows the public that you can be heavy tattooed but still glamorous and a genuine person.

Love her or hate her, she is a total babe either way.

Style Icon: Vintage Vandalizm

I can’t recall how I came to find Vintage Vandalizm, but I do know that ever since, I can’t get enough. Jasmin ( or Vinny), the sassy kitten behind Vintage Vandalizm has some of the best style I have seen. Every day she channels something a little bit different; anywhere from pin-up purrfect to vintage bombshell, rock n roll kitten to retro inspired babe, and everything in between. She regularly updates her blog with post of outfits she wears in her daily life. She is an extreme lover of Betsey Johnson, and always finds amazing vintage pieces. With her bold cat eye liner, her sultry red lips, and insanely gorgeous, long black hair, “Vinny” has a very unique and killer sense of style.

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

She gets to take part in exciting events in her home town ( New York, of course), be in fabulous photo shoots, and hit up rockabilly events like Viva Las Vegas… which all leave her looking fabulous. She also shares what brands and stores she loves the most, new outfits, pics from photo shoots, tips for finding your own style, and how to get a retro look of your own!

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

‘Vinny’ is a style icon not only because she is a total babe, but because she inspires girls to dress for their bodies and to feel good in what they wear; she is a hard worker and is loyal to her followers ( ask her a question, and she’ll respond).

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

Over all, she is a just a gals gal! She likes to get dolled up, look for fashion bargains,  hunt for thrift store gems, and have fun with her gal pals.

Photo from Vintage Vandalizm

Check out her blog for more pin-up fashion, beauty tips, her take on fashion and style, and a heck of a lot more. You can also find her on twitter and facebook, where she frequently posts her outfit/makeup/hair style for the day.

xoxo Danger De Lux

* all photos were taken from the Vintage Vandalizm website.

Style Icon- Kat, The Rock n Roll Bride

Recently I came across The Rock n Roll Bride, a blog for alternative weddings. I have been day dreaming of my imaginary wedding for years now, so imagine my glee when I found this jewel! Not only is the blog filled with amazing alternative wedding features, DIY ideas, places to shop for your wedding necessities, and tons of gorgeous photos, but the gal behind the blog, Kat Williams, is a total bombshell.

As someone who has always wanted pink hair, I can’t help but be a little jealous of Kats gorgeous, baby pink hair. As a natural red-head, it would cost too much time and money to get anywhere near the pretty pink Kat has. I’m also a fan of gal with great tattoos, and wicked (rock n roll. vintage infused) style!

 Kats personal style can be seen throughout her blog; she often takes part in amazing photo shoots, which have a rock n roll, vintage, beauty, and of course, wedding flair.

Photo from The Rock n Roll Bride. Photo by David McNeil Photography & Devlin Photos.

Kat started her blog while planning her own wedding, and once that was over, she kept it going as a place for alternative gals to showcase their own gorgeous and unique weddings. Sure, there are a ton of wedding blogs out there,but The Rock n Roll Bride targets weddings with punk rock, rock n roll, gothic, steam punk, vintage, and one of a kind themes. Not to mention, Kat is based out of England, giving brides in the UK a place to go for wedding planning tips, places to shops, venues, and hopefully, featuring their own wedding. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my Prince Charming will ask me to marry him and I can see my wedding on The Rock n Roll bride one day!

 Through some luck and a lot of hard work,Kat has made the dream of many girls come true. Kat blogs full-time at The Rock n Roll Bride and looks killer doing it. Have a peak around her blog and you’ll find out what I’m talking about; getting to take part in amazing photo shoots is part of her job! The photos she shares via instagram will make you drool with envy over her pink locks and rock n roll attire. Kats rockin’ style and beautiful wedding blog, have made her my new Style Icon.

Photo from the Rock n Roll Bride. Photo by David McNeil.

If your planning a wedding, and even if you aren’t. I highly suggest checking out The Rock n Roll Bride. You can find her, not only blogging, but on facebook  and twitter.