Banned Apparel: Sweet and Simple

I first saw Banned in the London Edge trade show catalog…. A model was holding the most gorgeous flamingo purse; I looked at the small print and saw the brand was Banned Apparel. Fast forward a few months and I am unpacking a new shipment from a new brand at Rowena. That brand was Banned Apparel.

BAIT AND BANNED 022Banned Apparel is based out of the UK and is the result of the dismemberment of Living Dead Souls. While some of their stuff is alternative/gothic style clothing… some of it is amazing retro reproduction. The cardigans I have seen are just beautiful – the appliques, the detailing, and the fabric are all very pretty and have a vintage touch to them. They are so sweet and so simple – just what every pin up girl needs. But what I was most looking forward to was that handbag that initially caught my attention.


Are they not just the most beautiful handbag you have ever seen…well, pretty close anyway. They are even better in person. And they are so functional. They actually open up fairly wide, have a few compartments, zip closed, have a handle and a cross body strap. And they are only $63! I may have just have to get all three colours… that’s normal right?

We filmed a little video at Rowena yesterday, to show off all the new Banned we got in. This is my first video like this- usually I’m doing my hair or showing exercises- so please don’t judge my slight awkwardness 😉

I plan on doing a lot more videos like this one, so keep an eye out for those or give me suggestions for things you would like to see.

A big thank you to my lovely co-workers who helped to the video- you gals are the best…for real!

BAIT AND BANNED 020( look how pretty my co-worker is!)

Come into Rowena and pick up a cardigan and matching handbag or head to to get yours! Flat rate shipping in Canada is available for $8, so really there is no reason not to order!

And here is our little video!



Danger De Lux Hair Tutorial: Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are the very first retro hair style I tried. I especially love them because they are fairly rockabilly in style, so not so insanely retro. It use ti take me ages to put my hair up in victory rolls and then the frustration would set in, so it was often I wore my hair in them. Now, I’ve realized to stop trying to make them so damn perfect and just work with them, until they are close enough. Now, I can do them in 5-10 minutes, so I wear victory rolls more often. I also have very long hair, so I make my rolls pretty big and fat, which is what I like!

This tutorial is quick and easy! You will need: a backcombing comb, hairspray, pomade ( if you have it), and bobby pins ( i use three different kinds in the video)

Please let me know what you think and if there are any other tutorials you’d like to see!

Have fun!!